The Body Shop Haul May 2016

The month of May is my birthday month. Everyone who has a Body Shop loyalty card gets -30% discount on a one time purchase during their birthday month. I am not sure if it applies to other countries, but luckily for me, it applies to Estonia.  So if you have been my blog’s follower for a while, you might now that I can’t pass up these kind of offers from The Body Shop.

I bought some creams, and my holy grail products. In addition I got a gift and few samplers too. Do you also like samplers like I do?


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The Body Shop Mini Haul


So, what happened? Last week and this week there were discounts in all the biggest shopping centres in town. My plan was to find myself some new living room accessories, which I did. On the road to that shop, I passed The Body Shop store. I thought “why not, I can take a look what they have for these discount weeks”. I left the shop with three new items for myself.


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The Body Shop Haul February 2016

At the beginning of the week I got a message from The Body Shop about their discount campaigns. As you probably guessed already, I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy myself some new skincare products. Plus, my favourite saleslady was there, who makes the shopping and choosing new products to try so much easier and enjoyable.

This time I decided to try out their Tea Tree line and few new arrivals.


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The Body Shop Haul December 2015

So, what happened? I got a newsletter about huge sale at the Body Shop, and I noticed they also had blueberry scented products in stock. I’ve never smelled their blueberry scented products so of course I had to take the chance and fix it. All my good plans just to smell it ended up being a little haul. This time the salesgirls weren’t in a good mood (luckily) because otherwise I would have purchased more products. I like when the salesgirls are in a good mood and friendly because everyone is happier, except for my wallet… but that is another story.

I got few shower gels, body scrubs, and a body butter from different lines.

All purchased products

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