Tühjaks saanud tooted 2/4

Täna vaatame üle tooted, mis mul on viimase kuu jooksul tühjaks saanud. Viimase kuu all ma pean silmas juunit ja poolt juulit, sest juuni postitusega jäin hiljaks ja tegelikult ei ole suurt vahet, millal tühjade potsikute postitus ilmub. Toodete omadused ei ole ju kuu nimest sõltuvad. Seega, ilma pikema jututa, hakkame peale.

Postitus on jagatud neljaks osaks. See on teine osa.


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The Body Shop Seaweed range review/ The Body Shop Merevetika sari

The Body Shop Seaweed range is perfect for those who have combination/oily skin. That means me. Occasionally during season changes my skin does tricks by getting drier or oilier, but most of the time it’s just plain combination skin. To take care of my skin the best way, I use seaweed range products. I have talked about these products before in several different posts. This time I put all of them into one, so it would be easier to find information.

The Body Shop´i Merevetika sari on ideaalne neile, kellel on kombineeritud/rasune nahk. Mina olen üks neist. Vahetevahel, siis kui aastaajad vahetuvad, teeb mu nahk trikke ja muutub kas kuivemaks või rasusemaks, aga muidu on stabiilselt segatüüpi. Selleks, et oma naha eest kõige paremal viisil hoolt kanda, kasutangi ma tooteid merevetika sarjast. Ma olen ennegi oma blogi erinevates postitustes merevetika sarja toodetest rääkinud, kuid siin on kõik ühes koos.


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Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution review

Few weeks back I received Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution from The Body Shop. It is a lightweight, pre-serum concentrate that combats blemishes and improves the overall condition of skin. I used it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. If you are interested to find out more about the product, keep reading.

tea tree daily solution

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The Body Shop Haul

Last month I finished my loyal companion in my morning and evening routine, Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask (review here). On the early days of August I finished my seaweed clay mask as well. I was almost out of eye makeup remover too. All that meant that I needed to go to The Body Shop and fix those absences on my shelves. In this post I am going to tell you what I got.

the body shop all

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December Empties

In December I finished up quite a few products. Some of them were makeup products, and some were skincare and haircare. I would also categorise contents of my empties basket into “in shower”, “after shower”, and “makeup” products.

This is a longer post, so grab a coffee or tea and make yourself comfortable.


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