OPI Fiji Collection – Does Infinite Shine last for 10 days? / Kas Infinite Shine sari püsib küüntel 10 päeva?

This spring OPI came out with their Fiji collection. The moment I saw it, I knew I have to have them. I picked out the four shades that caught my eye the most. In this post we will look at them closer.

Sel kevadel tuli OPI välja kollektsiooniga nimega Fiji. Kui ma uusi küünelakke nägin, teadsin ma koheselt, et mul on vaja neid. Ma valisin välja neli tooni, mis mulle kõige rohkem meeldisid. Selles postituses vaatamegi neid lähemalt.

opi fiji collection

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Acne and how to deal with it

I think we all know those days when we wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everything is perfect. Then you go to bathroom to do your morning routine and realise you have a new family member. On your face. Red and bright. Just sitting there forcing you to acknowledge it. Those are “nice” mornings, aren’t they?

After you go through shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and depression, you have to actually do something. Of course, some people are cool and don’t stress over it at all. I envy you because unfortunately I am not one of them. I need zitastrophies gone from my face as soon as possible.


So what I do?

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Things not to do aka things I learned the hard way


Sometimes I think I am smart and then life proves me wrong. I rush and add extra things to save time while I try to get the best results, then bad things happen. Is it just me, or does everyone have this problem?

One thing I have learned, makeup and beauty procedures are not meant to rush. Fixing the results will take more time than doing things in a normal pace.


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Everyday makeup

Today I am going to share with you the makeup and products I use everyday. These have been my go-to makeup for a few weeks now. It is nice to have go-to makeup on mornings when you are still in the sleepy-land with one eye open, brushing teeth with face gel moments. Just kidding! Although I have come close to that.

To achieve the look, I use a lot of different products. Of course I could do it with less, but this way it is just more comfortable.

Some of the products I need for my everyday look

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