September empties

Another month has passed, another bunch of products are finished. This time I used a few mascaras, some skin care items, and some other beauty products which I used on daily basis.


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Travel Makeup Bag

Today I am going to show you what’s in my travel makeup bag. If you are secretly nosy about what other people carry around their makeup bags, you’ll like this post. If you are openly nosy about what other people carry around their makeup bags, you’ll also like this post. Now, since we already stated those two facts, let’s get into it.

travel all

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Spring makeup


After a long winter, I always feel I need to change few things in my life. The easiest change is to figure out a new go-to makeup look. It doesn’t need much. If I have a palette that gives me multiple colour options, it is easy to choose three new tones to use. In this post I will share my new go-to makeup look for April.


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Rediscovered products

A week back I was cleaning my makeup drawers. While I was rummaging through, I found a few makeup products which were in my everyday use a while back. At some point they got replaced with other products for one reason or another. The weird thing about all this is I actually didn’t have any reason to replace any of them. Now they are in the “active part” of my drawer again.



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