Tühjaks saanud tooted 1/4

Täna vaatame üle tooted, mis mul on viimase kuu jooksul tühjaks saanud. Viimase kuu all ma pean silmas juunit ja poolt juulit, sest juuni postitusega jäin hiljaks ja tegelikult ei ole suurt vahet, millal tühjade potsikute postitus ilmub. Toodete omadused ei ole ju kuu nimest sõltuvad. Seega, ilma pikema jututa, hakkame peale.

Postitus on jagatud neljaks osaks. See on esimene osa.


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January favourites


This month I don’t have many new favourites. All my favourites from the past months stand strong. I havn’t used the new products long enough for them to make their way here. For example, I am using a few new mascaras, but I am not certain if any of them are my favourites yet. So let’s get to the products which found their way into this post.




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Marc Anthony Argan Oil hair care


In my December Empties post I talked about Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco. When I finished my usual shampoo, I started using another shampoo. My hair did not like it at all.  I also began using a hair oil that ended up being really bad, and my hair started acting up. Plus I began testing out new dry shampoo which wasn’t good either. I noticed how my hair lost its shine and life. The mentioned bad hair oil is from Syoss, so stay away from it. I will give my reasons in my future post entitled “Flops” but that is still a song unwritten.

Today when I was at the department store, I took a look at their hair care department. To my positive surprise they were, and still are, carrying Marc Anthony products. I remembered how much I liked Marc Anthony´s Argan Oil hair oil, I got myself a shampoo, a conditioner, and a bottle of hair oil.


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December Empties

In December I finished up quite a few products. Some of them were makeup products, and some were skincare and haircare. I would also categorise contents of my empties basket into “in shower”, “after shower”, and “makeup” products.

This is a longer post, so grab a coffee or tea and make yourself comfortable.


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