The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover

I have been using this eye and lip makeup remover since 7th of April 2016. That is more than three years in a row. I obviously like it but why? Keep reading to find out!


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Jõuluootus koos The Body Shop Advendikalendriga, 13 detsember

Selle aasta esimene jõulukink tuli mulle The Body Shopi poolt. Nimelt, oktoobris sai minust õnnelik advendikalendri omanik. Viimasel kolmel aastal (vähemalt) on The Body Shopil valikus olnud kolm erinevat advendikalendrit. Eesti turul on saadaval sel aastal kõik kolm erinevat kalendrit /Maagiline, Deluxe ja Preemium) ja minul, koostöös The Body Shop’iga, on üks neist valikuist. Nii nagu advendikalendriga ikka, üks päev võrdub ühe akna avamise ja toreda üllatusega. Selles postituses vaatamegi, mida mulle The Body Shopi päkapikud toonud on.


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Empties from April-May / Aprilli-mai tühjad totsikud-potsikud

For the past month I missed the window where it was suitable to write about last months empties. This month I am only slightly better, but at least it is happening. So in this post we´re going to see what products I managed to use up. It’s also going to be a longer post. You have been warned!

Eelmine kuu magasin ma maha sobiva hetke, et tutvustada teile oma aprillis tühjaks kasutatud tooteid. Sel kuul olen ma ainult veidi parem oma ajastamiselt. Selles postituses vaatamegi, mis tooted on mul aprilli-mai jooksul lõpuni kasutatud. See on pikemat sorti postitus, seega, teid on hoiatatud!

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24 Happy Days aka The Body Shop’s Christmas Calendar. Day 14.

This year I decided to treat myself with advent calendars. One is a traditional candy calendar, but the other is from The Body Shop. It is called 24 Happy Days.


Like every other traditional christmas calendar, it has a small treat for every day until christmas. In this case, instead of chocolate, there are different mini products, or just smaller full size products for each day that goes by.


Also, what I find incredibly adorable, are the short sentence, good thoughts on every little box.

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The Body Shop Haul

Last month I finished my loyal companion in my morning and evening routine, Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask (review here). On the early days of August I finished my seaweed clay mask as well. I was almost out of eye makeup remover too. All that meant that I needed to go to The Body Shop and fix those absences on my shelves. In this post I am going to tell you what I got.

the body shop all

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