Essence Matt Matt Matt huulepulgad ja paar kulmutoodet

Mõned nädalad tagasi saatis essence mulle väikese kingipakikese. Pakikest avades leidsin ma mitu erinevat toodet küünelakkidest lauvärvini. Viimaste nädalate jooksul olen ma kirjutanud nii küünelakkidest kui ka lauvärvidest. Sel korral räägin ma teile huulepulkadest ja kulmutoodetest.


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Essence eyeshadows: all about nudes and contouring eyeshadow set

A week back, essence sent me a little gift box. When I opened the box I saw so many wonderful things inside it. As the weeks pass I will tell you all about them, but this time I’m going to concentrate on eyeshadows. In the box there were two eyeshadow sets entitled “all about nudes” and “contouring eyeshadow set”. In this post I am going to talk about them more closely.


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Good products for beginners: brows, eyeliner, and contouring


Venturing into the makeup world can be intimidating. I know it sure was for me when I started. I was like an artist who had one thing in my mind but in reality the picture was different. It may sound like a bad thing but it is actually okay. No one is a born artist. Same goes with makeup skills. It takes a lot of practise to be able to get the look you actually are trying to do.

In this post I am going to tell you about three products which made my life easier.

nyx the curve wonderstick eyebrow gel

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NYX Baltics Tallinn Workshop

Last Friday I had a wonderful opportunity to take part in the NYX workshop in Tallinn. It was an evening full of amazing people, delicious food, and great presentations about makeup and youtubing. It gave me another inspirational push towards creating my own YouTube channel.

Big-big thank you to Riti, Maret, Merlin, and NYX Baltics for such wonderful event.




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The Beauty Bloggers Convention – Lumene

On the 23th of April, forty beauty bloggers all over Estonia got together in the restaurant called  Al Bastione. I was also among the forty.

Each beauty blogger also got a little gift bag. Well, not so little. The gift bag was quite big and impressive.

From Lumene I got two products.

lumene all

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