Mixa Cica-Creme review

A while back I received Mixa Cica-Creme from L’oreal Latvia. The cream is meant for face, body, and hands. It is suitable for adults and also children. The cream contains 5% glycerin + panthenol. In this post we will look it a little bit closer

Mõni aeg tagasi sain ma L`Oreal Lätilt Mixa Cica-Creme kreemi. Kreem on  mõeldud näole, kehale ja kätele. See on sobilik nii täiskasvanutele kui ka lastele. Kreemis on 5% glütseriin ja pantenool. Selles postituses vaatamegi antud toodet lähemalt.

mixa sos cica cream


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December Empties

In December I finished up quite a few products. Some of them were makeup products, and some were skincare and haircare. I would also categorise contents of my empties basket into “in shower”, “after shower”, and “makeup” products.

This is a longer post, so grab a coffee or tea and make yourself comfortable.


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