Autumn Makeup with BYS Cosmetics/Sügisene jumestus BYS Cosmeticuga

A little while back I got a generous PR package from BYS Cosmetics Estonia. It contained everything that one would need to do a full face makeup. In this post I am going to do exactly that. You can see the products I use and the end result.

Mõni aega tagasi ma sain rikkaliku PR pakikeser BYS Cosmetics Eestilt. See sisaldas endas kõike, mida on vaja, et teha endale jumestus nullist kuni ideaalse õhtumeigini välja. Selles postituses teemegi seda. Ma tutvustan lühidalt teile kasutatud tooteid ning ka lõpptulemust.

bys makeup

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Ombre Nails With Essence

A few days back I was looking at my nail polish stash and thought to myself, ‘I haven’t done ombre nails for a while’. So, I chose blue and green nail polishes from Essence Colour Boost range. More about ombre nails you can read here

Eelmine nädal ma vaatasin oma küünelakke ning mõtlesin, et ma ammu pole teinud ombre stiilis küüsi. Ma valisin sinise ja rohelise küünelaki Essence Colour Boost kollektsioonist. Juhend, kuidas teha ombre stiilis küüsi on siin.  


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How to create a colourful sheen on your nails? / Kuidas tekitada küüntele värvilist kuma?

This week I painted my nails white and blue and added a purple glow or sheen on the nails. If you want to know how I did it, keep reading.

Sel nädalal ma värvisin küüned valge – sinise kirjuks ning lisasin neile lillakat kuma. Kui sa tahad teada, kuidas ma seda tegin, jätka lugemist.

opi essence born pretty


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Acne and how to deal with it

I think we all know those days when we wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everything is perfect. Then you go to bathroom to do your morning routine and realise you have a new family member. On your face. Red and bright. Just sitting there forcing you to acknowledge it. Those are “nice” mornings, aren’t they?

After you go through shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and depression, you have to actually do something. Of course, some people are cool and don’t stress over it at all. I envy you because unfortunately I am not one of them. I need zitastrophies gone from my face as soon as possible.


So what I do?

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