February empties/Veebruari tühjad potsikud/totsikud

Another month has ended and it’s time to see what products I finished in the past four weeks.

Veel üks kuu on möödunud ja ongi aeg vaadata, mis tooted ma viimase nelja nädala jooksul lõpuni kasutasin.

delon shampoo the body shop hm mask

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H&M nail polishes

When I had my H&M haul few weeks back, I got myself a set of nailpolishes too. I never have had H&M nailpolishes so I was curious and ready to be pleasantly surprised by them. Did they meet my expectations? Keep reading to find out.

all nailpolishes

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Work Essentials

We all have that little makeup bag which we take everywhere. Depending on where we go, the contents differ with one or two products, but mostly it is still the same.

Today I will share with you my little makeup bag that travels with me to work and back. Now I remind you, these are really only essentials which help me change or fix my look if necessary during the work day. I still have full makeup look from morning- from foundation primer to two coats of mascara.


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