Recent empties – Which product was as beautiful as the blood of a unicorn? / Tühjad potsikud-totsikud – Mis toode oli sama kaunis kui ükssarviku veri?

For the past few months, I missed the window where it was suitable to write about last months empties. This month I am only slightly better, but at least it is happening. So in this post we´re going to see what products I managed to use up in June and July. It’s also going to be a longer post. You have been warned!

Eelmine kuu magasin ma maha sobiva hetke, et tutvustada teile oma juunis ja juulis tühjaks kasutatud tooteid. Sel kuul olen ma ainult veidi parem oma ajastamiselt. Selles postituses vaatamegi, mis tooted on mul juunis ja juulis lõpuni kasutatud. See on pikemat sorti postitus, seega, teid on hoiatatud!

empties june

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JOIK Refreshing Foot Bath Salt review

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have chronic foot problems. I suffer from unexplainable foot cramps. I haven’t found the reason, so for now the only possibility for me is to learn to live with them. The reason I am telling you this is because I found a foot bath salt which contains magnesium salts and looks good on the shelf.



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