Tühjaks saanud tooted 1/4

Täna vaatame üle tooted, mis mul on viimase kuu jooksul tühjaks saanud. Viimase kuu all ma pean silmas juunit ja poolt juulit, sest juuni postitusega jäin hiljaks ja tegelikult ei ole suurt vahet, millal tühjade potsikute postitus ilmub. Toodete omadused ei ole ju kuu nimest sõltuvad. Seega, ilma pikema jututa, hakkame peale.

Postitus on jagatud neljaks osaks. See on esimene osa.


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November empties

Another month has passed, another bunch of products are used up. This time I managed to finish a lot of makeup products. It’s a longer post so grab a drink and make yourself comfortable. Without further ado, let’s get into this.


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What´s in my summer makeup bag?


During summer I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup. That is all because summer days tend to be hot. No one likes when their foundation melts off their face, and I am no different. Unless I have an evening event to attend, my daily makeup is light. In this post you will see what products I have been using the most in the past few months.

summer makeup bag

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