November empties

Another month has passed, another bunch of products are used up. This time I managed to finish a lot of makeup products. It’s a longer post so grab a drink and make yourself comfortable. Without further ado, let’s get into this.


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Turbliss Deeply Moisturizing Face Oil Review

(Eestikeelse postituse leiad siit)

When one morning our short Autumn turned into Winter, my skin decided it was not happy with it. All of a sudden it developed dry patches and everything just got strange. I wasn’t prepared. My usual night cream didn’t do the trick anymore. I started to look around and saw that Turbliss came out with a face oil. Since I have been using their products before, and I absolutely adored their body oil, (you can read review here), I decided to try this out too.


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Turbliss Sügavniisutav Näoõli



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Kui ühel hommikul sai lühikesest sügisest äkitselt talv, otsustas mu näonahk, et ta ei ole selle üle üldse õnnelik. Järgmiseks päevaks olid mu näonahale tekkinud kuivad piirkonnad. Ma ei olnud selleks valmistunud, sest seda tavaliselt ei juhtu. Mu öökreem ei suutnud mind sel korral aidata ning seega ma hakkasin uurima, kuidas olukorda lahendada. Internetis ringi vaadates jäi mulle silma Turblissi näoõli. Ma olin varemgi Turblissi tooteid kasutanud ning kuna mulle meeldis nende kehaõli (arvustus siin), siis otsustasin proovida ka näoõli.



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Everyday makeup

Today I am going to share with you the makeup and products I use everyday. These have been my go-to makeup for a few weeks now. It is nice to have go-to makeup on mornings when you are still in the sleepy-land with one eye open, brushing teeth with face gel moments. Just kidding! Although I have come close to that.

To achieve the look, I use a lot of different products. Of course I could do it with less, but this way it is just more comfortable.

Some of the products I need for my everyday look

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January favourites


This month I don’t have many new favourites. All my favourites from the past months stand strong. I havn’t used the new products long enough for them to make their way here. For example, I am using a few new mascaras, but I am not certain if any of them are my favourites yet. So let’s get to the products which found their way into this post.




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Beauty blender Vs. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

After the above mentioned makeup sponges came out, it has been a never ending competition between the two. There are a lot of videos and blog posts, and a lot of different opinions at which people swear by. Now it is my turn to add a few words into the bunch.


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