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File this under "whatever two or more consenting adults want to do is fine with me as long as it doesn't hurt others".

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The problem is that if at any point either party revokes their consent, the woman is in a vulnerable situation. If this actually happens in practice beyond the fantasies of what the men think in this ad, then I imagine its probably because the women has some level of comfort with the guy who's doing it.

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You've never met a woman genuinely poor and desperate enough to do this. I've worked with sex trade workers.

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Most women do it out of sheer desperation and put themselves in dangerous and seemingly downright crazy situations all the time. Didn't you hear?

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At some point in the last 10 years the new flavour of feminists decided that women are not actually allowed to think for themselves. I love when some woman tries to tell another woman what she can and cannot do with her body while flying the feminist flag. An important thing to understand about feminism is how much disagreement actually exists within the movement between women.

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The schism between sex positive and sex negative feminism being the most prominent. I am sure there are a lot of relationships that exist purely because of this. I don't see how this is much different than what the Real Housewives of Vancouver are doing when they marry rich old guys who pay for everything.

The lawyer quoted in the article basically equated this practice with prostitution, which seems to make sense. That also means that trying to shut the down or prosecute either party for participating in this kind of arrangement is fraught with all of the same legal and ethical problems as keeping sex work illegal.

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Specifically, it denies women and potentially men, no reason to assume this couldn't happen with the gender roles reversed agency to make a decision to obtain housing using the resources she has available. Obviously the person providing sex in exchange for housing is vulnerable in this situation, in the same way that sex trade workers are vulnerable.


But just because some women may be harmed by this arrangement doesn't mean that all women who enter into this arrangement will be harmed and that the choice to enter into it willingly should not be available to them. I think that is something this person is forgetting.

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That women who enter these agreements likely do so under their own agency. Painting it as a result of some power structure inherent in society is incredibly shortsighted.

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Found the internet! Men on Craigslist offering Vancouver women free rent in exchange for sex.

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Sort by: best. How is this much different from a gold digging relationship?

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Reply Share. The problem is that if at any point either party revokes their consent, the woman is in a vulnerable situation It begins as consenting but could become dangerous very easily. Continue this thread.

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Royal Citizen. This again? I personally know of two. Men offering is different from women accepting.

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ITT: A bunch of fucking creeps that are going to die alone. Rapists in training.

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