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I've read so many horror stories coming from different subreddits regarding Craigslist that I wonder them why is it still so popular. I've had nothing but success buying or selling. I've just had a few idiots fill my inbox with low-ball offers.

Like anything, due diligence is key. If you keep seeing the same posted, I'd be weary.

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Craigslist is actually great for entry level jobs. While some of them are scam job offers, a lot are legit. I've bought things, I've sold things, I've found some freelance projects on there and I've hired people for them on there.

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Also, me and my wife used to take turns reading the Casual Encounters rip to each other on Sunday Mornings much more entertaining than church. I have never used Craigslist to meet people, which is where I hear some horror stories from.

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Not judging anyone who has, it just seemed to me like calling a you find written on a bathroom stall. Better websites to meet people I think. People generally broadcast their bad experiences more than their good experiences, pretty much on everything. Is it different where you are from?

I've done countless of sales and purchases over CL and have never had an issue other than the 'Craigslist Flake' factor. Yeah, I think part of this is that nobody really shares stories about normal CL transactions so the horror stories are what stand out. I've found so much shit on Craiglist including furniture, pets, a job, and I've even used it for a date or two back in the day. Selling on it is a pain in the ass. You get hit with all kinds of flakes, lowballers, and sally sob stories. I've sold a few things on Craigslist, and everyone has been super nice and honest.

But that's Maine for you. People seem to be a lot nicer and more honest here. I never worry about people scamming me. But of course, you need to remember that with near a nation of a third of a billion people and a site that has 80 million classified posted monthly you are going to see some crazy stories. I've used craigslist to find apartment, most of my experiences have been so normal as to call them boring. There are definitely horror stories out Craigslist Spanish Fork sex but most of the time its regular people trying to buy or sell stuff.

I've bought and sold on Craigslist, and while there are a ton of scams, nothing a little common sense can't handle. I'm in Massachusetts and bought a new home. I brought zero furniture except mattresses from my old home and furnished a new sq foot home using craigslist almost exclusively. I never had one negative experience. Also did a massage barter with a massage therapist.

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In exchange for doing the studios laundry, which was like 2 lo, I got 2 massages it was awesome. I've only had positive experiences with Craigslist buying and selling goods, not looking for dates or sex.

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I've found every apartment I've lived in on Craigslist, for instance. Craigslist has a seedy reputation because unlike tinder or facebook there's no vetting on who posts what and it's totally anonymous. You only ever hear about the really fucked up stuff. I met my husband on craigslist and got 1 of my dogs on there. I'm a fan! There are certainly scams, stolen goods and criminals present.

Taking reasonable cautions largely mitigates it. I have a couple wonderful musical instruments I initially found on Craigslist. I always take precaution though, better safe than sorry. Try to have a friend or another adult over if someone is coming to your house to look at something. Try to bring a friend with you if visiting someone's house, at the least tell someone where you'll be and how long.

If someone refuses those spots you know something fishy is going on. No, it really isn't. Almost getting shot by someone because you don't pay for things in silver dollars, on the other hand, is decidedly newsworthy. Had my time wasted a few times trying to buy something.

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Some time wasted selling things when people dont show up or show up and try to lowball you at the last moment. Compared to scammers on Ebay though it's much easier to deal with. Found the internet! Posted by 3 years ago. Also curious about your own stories positive or negative.


Sort by: best. Raleigh, North Carolina. It's got its share of trolls, just like Reddit. Continue this thread. I recruited employees using Craigslist, no problem. I guess it can be. I've never had a negative experience. United States of America.

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Buying isn't too bad. Not in my area.

Married businessman and bit-part actor 'pretended to be a DOCTOR on Craigslist, offered women $ to take part in "anatomy research" then raped two of his volunteers'

I've never had an issue. Not everything you read on the internet is true. Edit: also hired my awesome awesome nanny from craigslist.


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