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Olympian, but from facing her mental illness. For the first time, the three-time Olympic athlete and decorated middle-distance runner is revealing what fueled her double life as a celebrated track hero by day and a high-priced Vegas escort by night, and how she is trying to move forward with her life now.

I keep trying to emphasize that wasn't me. I won't let it happen to me. I refuse.

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I refuse to let the act ruin me. So when I say that it was the bipolar's fault I'm not pinning it on bipolar and looking at that as the excuse. Favor Hamilton said she had long struggled with anxiety and self-doubt, despite being the most decorated runner in college history when she was an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin. I didn't know at the time, but that was Step One of terrible things to happen.

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Then Favor Hamilton became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Kylie, now 10 years old. After she saw a doctor, Suzy Favor Hamilton says she was put on anti-depressant medication. Really good.

Sheriff: Child's remains, 3 abandoned siblings found in home

I'm talking amazingly good. I suddenly was so outgoing and just wanted to talk to everybody. With their marriage on the rocks, Favor Hamilton suggested she and Mark take a trip to Las Vegas for their wedding anniversary in Wanting to spice things up, Favor Hamilton convinced him to go skydiving and participate in a threesome.

But after they returned home to Wisconsin, Favor Hamilton said she despised her job in real estate and said she craved the excitement of Vegas. Within months, she told her husband she needed to return to Vegas alone. She's kind of living her life.

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I'm living mine. She's going to do what she's going to do, to an extent. I don't think I had a heck of a lot of say, but at least she's not cheating on me. You need to do this more. I was hooked. This guy does, the escort. This would be fun. I'm obviously looking to have sex. I'm hypersexual. He's fine with it. It bothers me.


I had lost control after that first appointment. I didn't have that ever before.

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But as she was working as an escort, she also was appearing in public as 'Suzy Favor Hamilton the Track Star', keeping her secret double life under wraps. Hamilton threw herself into her new identity, and still has a closet full of items clients had bought her: Louis Vuitton purses, diamond necklaces, shoes and a fur coat.

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Get out of the house. Let Kylie and I have our normal life. Suzy Favor Hamilton had been a Vegas escort for 10 months when her secret identity was revealed.

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In Dec. As the event ended, Favor Hamilton got a text message from a client confirming an appointment with Kelly Lundy. I knew that name, and I knew my life was probably over. Two weeks later the story of Favor Hamilton moonlighting as a Vegas escort was published online. It immediately made national headlines and then the hate mail started to pour in. To escape the glare Mark suggested they go for a hike. On the way they began to argue and Suzy slowly reached for the door handle.

Mark seeing that his wife was planning to throw herself from their moving car slammed on the breaks.

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She's just angry. It's got to be somebody's fault other than her own. At his wits end, Mark called the family doctor, and eventually Suzy was diagnosed as bipolar.

Utah Sluts

It wasn't talked about in our family. Suddenly, her desperate craving for high-risk behavior made sense, and things started to fall into place.

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But I know [before] it wasn't Suzy. She still keeps a closet full of the clothes she used to wear and the gifts she received as Kelly Lundy. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Comments 0.

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Top Stories. Sheriff: Child's remains, 3 abandoned siblings found in home 3 hours ago. Facebook whistleblower documents offer new revelations about Jan. America has a gun violence problem.

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What do we do about it? Philadelphia students 'scared to go to school' as gun violence escalates Oct 24, PM. Ex-Alitalia flight attendants strip off uniforms in protest Oct 20, AM. Gun violence: An American epidemic? Wuhan research theory 'molecularly impossible': Fauci Oct 24, PM. ABC News Live. ZIP: 54525 54534 54550

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