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Call Now for a Free Consultation: Were you convicted of a sex crime? Are you required to register as a sex offender after your prison sentence? Learn everything you need to know about sex offender restrictions in Texas below. In Texas, state law requires those convicted of specific crimes to register as sex offenders.

This program is deed to help protect the general public from known offenders. If both of these factors apply to you, then your living options will be even more limited.

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Once your period of probation ends, you may be permitted to live in these areas. You also must report any vacations outside of your city that last longer than a week.

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If you fail to report a change, then the authorities have the discretion to charge you with a felony. At times, you may also randomly be called in to verify that your photograph matches and that all the information is still correct.


Are you facing criminal charges? Attorney Brett Podolsky can help ». In Texas, the sex offender registration database is public information. That means anyone can look up your status and learn about your past. The public also has the right to know where you are, so your address will be posted online for all to see.

Your participation in certain community events will also be restricted.

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These child safety zones apply to parades, athletic events, and other activities. Were you convicted of a felony crime? The first ificant loss will be the revocation of your right to vote.

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In Texas, you can reapply to own a firearm again under some circumstances five years after completing your sentence, probation, or parole. Before your conviction, you may have been in good standing both professionally and personally in your community. After being charged with a sex-related crime, things will immediately start to change. Many reformed offenders immediately feel isolated, and their personal relationships suffer.

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Your career may suffer as well, depending on the nature of your work prior to your conviction. Convicted sex offenders are rarely able to work in specific professions ever again, including daycare centers, medical facilities, schools and law firms.

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You may also be denied employment at places that serve the public such as restaurants, retail stores or other businesses. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to pass through safety zone in Texas for any reason, including making your way to work. Learn how a criminal defense attorney can help. Get your free ebook today ». Did your crime involve the internet or social media? If so, then your privileges may be revoked following your crime. Depending on the severity of your crime, you may not be permitted to access the internet at all.

Courts in Texas rarely impose such extreme punishment.

Your internet use may be limited, though, especially if you interacted with a minor online. You may be banned from visiting specific websites, like Craigslist or Tinder, if they were utilized during the commission of your crime.

Sex Offender Restrictions in Texas: Know Where You Can Reside

Clearly, sex offender restrictions in Texas are extensive. You could have your parole or probation revoked and return to jail.

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Have you already been a registered offender for over ten years? Depending on your crime and behavior after, you could be eligible to de-register. A lawyer can represent you and ensure the best possible outcome during your criminal proceedings. Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky Address: Franklin St. All Rights Reserved.

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