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Support the Forum and Buy a Subscription Today! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Last Jump to : to of Advanced Search. This forum thread is moderated by Admin. Posts: 6. I am nowhere experienced enough to even begin to call myself a monger of any kind so any help as to where I can find ladies would be appreciated.

I am here for a bachelor party and I want some happy endings to my night. I am not the one getting married so I can play guilt-free. Are there any places where a guy has a shot of picking up women? And if not, then where would the decent non-ripoff p4p places be? Reply With Quote. Posts: Its my first time to PR and I need some help. From my research it seems that there is more to do near Condado, but the beach appears to be better in Isla Verde. Can someone give me some advice.

I would prefer a place where there's a chance to pick up girls. Where should I stay?

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Posts: 9. With all this LE crap has he been run out?

Enjoy a meal with an Open Bar to, This is a great way to get more

He always had 2 cuties there, nice massage covered FS. Haven't been to SJU in 3 yrs, was Forget the good old days in San Juan! Originally Posted by Enricos.

Personals for Massage in Puerto Rico

Check out Blue Marlin. A room for 15 and girl for 25 if memory is correct. This was about 2 years ago. I went there often. Classic brothel style, you walk into a bar and there are girls to choose from, then you go to a room upstairs. As for police busts, it does happen. One of the putas I was seeing on and off steadily got her massage parlor busted. Cops told all the guys to leave then arrested the women.

Puerto Rico Sluts

They all had to go to court and pay a fine. She also told me not sure if this part is true or not that the cops banged all of them the night they arrested them. First part is definitely true, I drove her to the courthouse, all her amigas were there and she was even in the newspaper. Second part about the sex with the cops I do not know if she was telling me the truth or not. Originally Posted by BoricuaOnline. Yes Geraldo, prostitution in Puerto Rico is illegal. It is considered a minor offense so girls usually are arrested, fined and rarely gets a jail sentence unless they commit a major offense as for example drug possesion.

Near a hundred girls and guys have been arreted in 3 raids during the past weeks. About Thailand, read this: Thailand has a very similar situation to Philippines in terms of price and good attitude of sexual providers and has been known since the Vietnam war days as one of the best places in the world to go for great sexuality.

For centuries brothels have just been an accepted part of the culture. Most Thai men got their first sexual education and experience in the local brothel. When sexwork became so popular when the U. Consenting adult prostitution is illegal only officially in Thailand, not in practice. It all changed in when all those places were closed and street girls arrested almost on a daily basis.

Prostitution evolved to the massage houses we know today, costing at least triple of the cost it cost before the massive raids and closings. Frenchies, Dejavu, Lollipops etc. Originally Posted by Geraldofrancisco. Prostitution is illegal in Puerto Rico? Don't make me laugh!

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That's like prositution is illegal in Thailand but if you just happen to be in a massage parlor and the girl pulls down her pants and panties, what do you think you should do? Call the cops?

1st time 2 pr, need advice

Get a condom? Call for help? Noi did that to me in my local Banglamphu massage parlor in the suburbs of Bangkok so I went for it. A thousand baht is not bad for a quicky. As for Puerto Rico, most massage parlors are a front for sexual encounters: blowjobs, handjobs and vaginal sex if you are nice. I'm not a real monger but put pussy in my way and I'll have to sample it.

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The one at Dennys is a Panamanian worth two Puerto Ricans. Hot stuff and worth going for. Prostitution is Illegal??? No place is going to let you enter with a camera. Things are better! Survived two months of hell with no dinero. House is pretty much done. Fans up, air conditioning working and things are finally cooling off.

Hurricanes Earl and Fiona have given us a break with cooler weather. Got my ashes hauled tonight at Sweet Passions. Pam is hanging in there until I get the van ready for business. She is a sweetheart. If I was stupid I would marry her and make her respectable. Then I would get no pussy. As it was she gave me good service tonight and we made a date for Sep.

This is another way to get pussy is to take them shopping.

Visiting PR for first time over labor day weekend

It's fun for both and you get to take her to your place for the night. She's good for several sessions in an overnighter.

Puerto Rico

Never had one like this in Mexico. All the 30 somethings there were hot property. When you got the 40s and 50 year olds, then you got overnighters cheap. Pam is the only one working Sweet Passions so you can tell things are slow. The other Dominicana must have found greener pastures or went home.

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Another Delay The Thai massage is on hold. I got booted out of my apartment June 3 as my landlord a. Got down and groveled and got a relief loan to get a deposit and first month's rental on a nice house close by. So the van is on hold. Got the materials and when I get the house in order, I will do the van carpeting myself as the banks are not loaning me any more dinero.

It's down the hall from the pool hall just a few steps from Lupis Mexican restaurant. Pam is still putting out good sex. She busts my balls every time I'm there. Don't know about her new amiga. Haven't tried her yet. Tropez is still advertising in the English newspaper so it must be open to the public. ZIP: 00918 00913 00911 00917 00915 00912 00926 00927 00924 00925 00923 00920 00921 00906 00907 00901 00909 00936 00969 00902 00908 00910 00919 00922 00928 00929 00930 00931 00935 00937 00939 00940 00955 00975

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