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Just like water is wet and gravity makes apples, it's also incontrovertible that if you spend time on Craigslist, someone will try to sell you something really scary. Or a lot of things -- like some vintage rectal examination equipment or boxes full of sex toy shop inventory. This week, we poked around for sale listings in the greater NYC area and, basically, the world is a terrifying place.

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It doesn't have a head, but it does have the original packaging. The listing doesn't note whether it's used. Only one way to find out!

Sluts in New York, USA

Here's what the seller has to say: "Looking for a fake ID? Too hide or secure your identity? Too get into clubs?

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I'm 24 and I'm thinking about it just for fun. It's hand painted with "Realistic Amazing detail," according to the seller.

New York Sluts

Way cooler than that tramp Molly McIntyre. According to the seller, it's the business to be in: "It is good for looking-forward e-commerce business, or those in the industry is looking to expand their business scope. Interested, please reply to this !

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Can't miss. Bizarre Antique Medical Proctological Examination Set Vintage Rectum Brooklyn Let's just let the seller describe this item: "This appears to be some sort of predecessor of a rectal endoscope or some other proctological examination device from nearly a century ago. The lighting mechanism seems to consist of a plug to outlet adapter, which screws into the Patented Cameron's Vitrohm Potential Adjuster, which I believe is made of Bakelite.

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Into this screws the thin, flexible power line that plugs into one of the three mini lamp handles that lock into one of the various stainless devices. Back in the day, this enabled a doctor to shine a light where the sun don't shine! Apparently, it's a pretty tame, giant, harry spider and "not aggressive.

What do you mean you've been throwing those things out within seconds?? Perfect filler inventory for store This isn't "filler" for just any store. Photos of the merchandise show sex toy shop products like lube and various vibrating devices.

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Which might also happen to your children with the other human in the cage once this guy gets you in his basement. Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and once tried to sell his old guitar on Craigslist, but was unsuccessful.

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Follow him on Twitter tonymerevick. Note: a lot of these are really NSFW.

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