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This past Tuesday undercover police officers responded to an advertisement on Craigslist suggesting that the author was offering Sex For a Fee. The solicitation was provided by Heather Robinson who stated that she would be available at a motel in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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Officers arranged to meet her at her motel. During the meeting Robinson would perform full service sexual acts for one hundred fifty dollars.

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Once the agreement was finalized Robinson was arrested. She has been charged with Prostitution in the Framingham District Court.

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So what will happen to Robinson? Well, assuming she has no prior criminal record and that she Hire an Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer she might be able to walk away from this case without a criminal record.


A dismissal with court costs, pre-trial probation or a continuance without a finding are all possible dispositions in this case. This case brings up an interesting question that is being litigated nationally these days.

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Is Craigslist responsible for creating a public nuisance or is it in violation of federal and state prostitution laws? Just yesterday in Illinois a federal judge dismissed a case being brought by the Cook County Sheriff complaining that Craigslist is a public nuisance and in violation of various laws pertaining to prostitution. Craigslist has responded by making changes to its advertising solutions.

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Attorney Stephen Neyman has been defending people accused of committing Sex Crimes including Prostitution in Massachusetts for over twenty years. If you have been charted with one of these crimes call us at or online.

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Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Blog.

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