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So revealed Branford police after they closed down an alleged prostitution ring this week. Fourteen police officers conducted two simultaneous raids, one in Branford, one in Ansonia, which led to six arrests, including of the alleged co-owner and the manager of the place. Police closed down the place, which they describe as a full-scale prostitution ring.


It is now closed. Police said it is unclear when it actually became a house of prostitution operating openly above a nail and hair place and steps away from a dog grooming business and a Chinese restaurant.


It has been known to be a massage studio and a health club. Police believe ownership changed hands some months ago. The co-owner, Jazmin Benavides, 34, and Howard Johnson, 48, who ran the desk, both of Ansonia, were charged with promoting and permitting prostitution. Police Chief John DeCarlo reiterated in an interview that prostitution is not a victimless crime, that it has long been linked to illegal drug trafficking and related criminal activity. He also said Branford should not be a destination place for prostitution, which it had become in certain circles via the internet and Craigslist.

First Indicator of a Craigslist Scam:

Recently the Craigslist ad and tips from local citizens gave us a new incentive. Detective Lt. William Carroll put it at the top of his list. Law enforcement in general has complained that Craiglist has abetted prostituion. State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has led a national effort to crack down on Craiglist escort. At the same, the site is proving a double-edge sword: This is the second time Craigslist has helped Branford cops track down alleged prostitution and make arrests.

A year-old Bridgeport woman was arrested Nov It gave its hours: Monday through Friday from 11 to p. It gave its phone. It also ran two rave reviews from satisfied customers. You choose. The women were paid minimal fees, counting on tips mostly.

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Other prices varied. Why show up at some hotel with some fake, and take risks? To corroborate ongoing illegal sexual activity the police needed an undercover person who would engage in sexual acts and record it. Without a tape, it would be difficult to get search warrants. Police did not use a police officer, who might be recognized, but a confidential witness who posed as a customer and managed to conceal a recording device. This information led police to secure the arrest warrants that led to the arrests and the confiscation of client lists. According to Lt. Morgan, more arrests are likely.

Morgan said an examination of the records seized will provide more detailed information about the history of the operation and the clientele.

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Your :. Message: Sent: Oct 25, am. Howard Johnson…what a shame to see him swing so low. I used to love his clam strips and butter brickle ice cream. Now how about they close up the Accu-place across from All Pets Club?

And Zodiac, next to Bocca in East Haven? We all know these places are suspicious, and near good, clean, legit businesses. We need to fight them as a community. I completely agree Morris Cove Mom. I, too, find it disgusting and revolting to think good, innocent Americans might have been eating food in the same ft radius as consenting adults having intercourse. How filthy! I certainly pray that you never got any seminal fluids in your chinese due to proximity, you know those types of sinners have the HIV, gods trying to thin their s out after all.

Thank god there are moms at home like you whose time is freed up to keep your eye on these moral indignations. Paying for an orgasm, that is truly horrible. People should have to get married and exchange major appliances, jewelry and vacation cruises to have their sexual needs met. Although the comments can sometimes get ridiculous, the premise is not.

Colorado Sluts

Arrest those breaking the law and prevent further victimization of the powerless. It would be interesting to find out who the Johns are. We are in a sad times when people go to such lengths to have their sexual urges met.

I suggest marriage counseling assuming the Johns are married. Why do you care?

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Of the major arguments for outlawing prostitution, the supposed protection of women is the most spurious; criminalizing commercial sex transactions makes the participating women criminals and makes them more, not less, vulnerable to unscrupulous exploitation. Ray, no one is forcing you to marry. Civil unions are another form of legal union, but I believe your argument is that there are legal and tax benefits bestowed upon married persons that favor relationships of that type.

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Those who are responsible should be prosecuted. If a person is deemed to be a danger to society, they should not be released.

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Sex work is not the only industry in which people are exploited and not all sex workers are exploited or victims. Not all sex workers are women.

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The currently illegal status of prostitution does nothing to improve any abusive, coercive, or exploitive practices within the industry. You want to see a client list? What, you think men visiting this place showed ID? Did they collect frequent flyer miles? Hell, maybe the were forced to give references. Or maybe neither you or I honestly know for sure. But if prostitution was legally regulated everyone would honestly benefit.

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The sex worker would be protected by OSHA, the customer would feel safer having services rendered, the community could have more of a say of where such establishments openly operated, and the state could tax the heck out of the industry and build schools and hospitals. Maybe the posting of the client list would solve the mystery as to why this place was active for so long!!! This Time, Craigslist Helped The Cops by marcia chambers Dec 4, am 24 Comments Commenting has been closed E-mail the Author So revealed Branford police after they closed down an alleged prostitution ring this week.

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Obviously in Germany they know how to be a progressive police force. Just look for the orange roof. They must be lining up! Have fun in Hell. Ned is much funnier!! There is no client list. ZIP: 80701

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