How to create a colourful sheen on your nails? / Kuidas tekitada küüntele värvilist kuma?

This week I painted my nails white and blue and added a purple glow or sheen on the nails. If you want to know how I did it, keep reading.

Sel nädalal ma värvisin küüned valge – sinise kirjuks ning lisasin neile lillakat kuma. Kui sa tahad teada, kuidas ma seda tegin, jätka lugemist.

opi essence born pretty


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Kuidas inimese moodi välja näha, kui sa tunned end kui magamata vampiir?

(You will find the English version of this post here)

Oktoobri esimeste nädalate aegu oli mul mingi tõbi küljes. Nina jooksis, köha kipitas kurgus ja üleüldiselt oli nadi olemine. Vaatamata kehvale olekule pidin ma aktiivne olema nii mitmelgi rindel. Töö ja sotsiaalne elu ei hooli sellest, kas sa oled haige. Endale võetud kohustused tuleb täita isegi siis, kui parema meelega vedeleks soojas voodis teki all.

Siin postituses ma räägingi toodetest, mis päästsid mind neil kahel nädalal.


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How to look human when you feel like a hungover vampire?

(Eestikeelse postituse leiad siit)

During the first weeks of October I wasn’t feeling good at all. I had a runny nose, cough, and overall I felt like I had a hangover, 24/7. In spite of feeling like crap, I had to be active on many levels. Work, and social life doesn’t care if you are sick. If things need to be done, they don’t care how you feel.

In this post I am going to talk about the products that saved me on those two weeks.


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Contouring with Honeybronze Drops Of Sun


In June I received Honeybronze Drops Of Sun from The Body Shop. So far I have been using them in my day cream to give myself a sunkissed look. A week back I heard that some people are using the drops to contour. I took them at their word and tried it myself too. In this post I am going to tell you how that worked out for me.



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Good products for beginners: brows, eyeliner, and contouring


Venturing into the makeup world can be intimidating. I know it sure was for me when I started. I was like an artist who had one thing in my mind but in reality the picture was different. It may sound like a bad thing but it is actually okay. No one is a born artist. Same goes with makeup skills. It takes a lot of practise to be able to get the look you actually are trying to do.

In this post I am going to tell you about three products which made my life easier.

nyx the curve wonderstick eyebrow gel

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Over the top makeup look – Dolly White Lies

Few days back I had a sudden spurt of inspiration. I took a good look at my makeup products which I haven’t used as much as I´ve wanted. This ended up being a rather over the top makeup look. Even though it wasn’t something you go to work with, it was still fun to wear it through the day. In this post I am going to tell you what products I used to get the look.


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