BYS Cosmetics Sculpt & Glow

A little while back I received a generous PR package from BYS Cosmetics Estonia. It contained everything that one would need to do a full face makeup. In this post I am going to introduce you Sculpt & Glow palette.

Mõni aega tagasi ma sain rikkaliku PR pakikese BYS Cosmetics Eestilt. See sisaldas endas kõike, mida on vaja, et teha endale jumestus nullist kuni ideaalse õhtumeigini välja. Selles postituses vaatame BYS Sculpt & Glow paletti.

bys sculpt and glow palette closed

Sculpt & Glow palette is a good mix of two highlighters, two blushes, and a one bronzer. With this palette you don’t really need anything else for everyday use.

Sculpt & Glow paletis on kaks särapuudrit, kaks põsepuna ja üks päikesepuuder. See on väga hea komplekt igapäevaseks kasutamiseks.

bys sculpt and glow

The highlighters are rather subtle and good for a casual day out. They give a nice glow without being the “in your face blinding” type of highlighters. I like to use them on light makeup days when I want something but nothing too crazy.

Särapuudrid on tagasihoidlikud ning mõnusalt sobilikud lihtsaks päevaks. Nad annavad ilusa kuma ilma, et oleks pealetükkivalt nähtavad. Mõlemad särapuudrid sobivad kaunistama kergemat meiki.

bys sculpt and glow swatch

The blushes are two very different tones. One is peachy orange and the other one is pink. So you have an option to use them in pure tones or mix them together on your brush. You can decide yourself how pink or peachy an eyeshadow you want for the day.

Põsepunad on kahte erinevat tooni. Üks on virskikukarva oranzikas ja teine on roosa. See annab võimaluse kasutada kas puhtaid toone või siis segada need pintsli peale kokku. Nii saan ma ise otsustada, kui roosakat või oranzikat põsepuna ma soovin.

The bronzer has a nice tone which suits me quite well.

Päikesepuudril on ilus päevitunud toon ning sobib mu nahatooniga hästi.

The formula is a bit powdery but the pigment payoff is great. I have to go light handed when I apply the blush. The highlighter has a subtle glow, and so working with it is more carefree than with a blush or bronzer.

Koostis on paletil puuderjas ja toonid on pigmenteeritud. Põsepuna peab peale kandma kergema käega. Särapuudri pealekandmisel ei pea nii tähelepanelik olema. Kuna särapuuder on iseloomult tagasihoidlikku tooni, siis pole karta, et kannad peale liiga palju ja liiga äkitselt.

The palette itself is in a metal package and sturdy. It comes with a big mirror but it is slightly crooked. You can use it if it is the only option you have but I suggest to find a better one.

Pakend on metallist ning korralik. Paletis on ka suur peegel, aga see on natuke kõver. Selles mõttes, seda saab kasutada, kui väga tahta, aga ma siiski soovitan leida mõne teise alternatiivi.

bys sculpt and glow

In spite of unhappy situation with the mirror, it is a great palette. It combines three different products in one palette and is budget friendly.

Vaatamata õnnetule peeglile on tegemist väga hea paletiga. Ühes pakendis hea hinnaga saad sa kolm erinevat toodet- põsepuna, särapuudri ja päikesepuudri.

Have you tried BYS Sculpt & Glow palette? How did you like it? Leave your answer in the comments.

Kas sa oled varem BYS Sculpt & Glow paletti proovinud? Kuidas see sulle meeldis? Jäta oma vastus kommentaaridesse!

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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2 thoughts on “BYS Cosmetics Sculpt & Glow

  1. […] The package of the palette is made from rather light plastic and it isn’t too big. I don’t mind the size or weight. For me it means, it fits better into my makeup bag or drawer, it doesn’t take much space either if I want to take it on a trip with me. Although, it is doubtful that I will. BYS Cosmetics has a great Sculpt & Glow palette, which is better to take on a trip with you. Why is that? I wrote about it here. […]


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