Makeup Revolution Fortune Favors the Brave and Goddess of Love

A little time back I received Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette and Goddess of Love triple baked highlighter from Seele Store. Now it is time to look them both closer.

Mõni aeg tagasi sain ma Seele kaupluselt Makeup Revolutioni lauvärvipaleti Fortune Favours the Brave  ja särapuudri Goddess of Love. Selles postituses vaatamegi mõlemat toodet lähemalt.

makeup revolution

Fortune Favours the Brave

The eyeshadow palette has 30 different shades which are put together by BritishBeautyBlogger. The palette has matte, satin, and metallic eyeshadows. The variety is wide and you can make more than ten eyeshadow looks with the single palette.

Lauvärvipaletis on 30 erinevat tooni. Palett on koostatud UK blogija BritishBeautyBlogger poolt ning sisaldab endas matte, satiinjaid ja metalseid lauvärve. Toonide valik on lai ning kombinatsioonide valik, kuidas lauvärve kasutada veel laiemgi.

mfortune favours the brave

I suggest wearing the eyeshadows with a primer to get the best results. Although without a primer the eyeshadows work too, with a primer they work better. WIth a primer you get a more pigmented look, they last longer and it’s easier to work with them. For example there is a huge difference in blending with and without a primer.

Ma soovitan kasutada lauvärve koos aluskreemiga. Aluskreemiga tuleb lauvärvide õige toon hästi esile ja samuti on lauvärve kergem hajutada. Ilma aluskreemita saab antud lauvärve ka kasutada, kui aluskreemiga on tulemus lihtsalt parem. Aluskreemiga püsivad lauvärvid peal terve pärva ilma kulumata.

The tones are beautiful. On the picture I swatched only a few and without a primer. As you can see, the shades are well pigmented and beautiful. I love how they play with the light and shadows.

Lauvärvitoonid on kaunid. Pildil on ainult mõned üksikud toonid ja seda ilma aluskreemita. Nagu pildilt näha, on lauvärvid hästi pigmenteeritud ning ilusad. Mulle meeldib, kuidas valgus muudab lauvärvide kuma.

The formula of the eyeshadows is a tad more powdery than I am used to. There is a kick back as I dip my brush in, but it isn’t anything I can’t look over. I also suggest to tap excessive shadow off the brush before applying the shadow. Otherwise there will be fallout. If you keep this in mind, you are golden. The eyeshadows stay on all day without me having to worry that they might smudge or crease.

Lauvärvid on pisut puudrisemad kui ma harjunud olen. Seda on näha siis, kui ma võtan pintsliga toodet, et laule kanda. Iseenesest liigne puudersus ei ole midagi, mis mind morjendaks. Sellest tulenevalt soovitan küll pintslilt liigse lauvärvi maha tapsutada, sest vastasel juhul on see kõik pärast laule kandmist ka silma all. Kui see jääb meelde, siis on kõik hästi. Lauvärvid püsivad peal terve päeva, ilma, et ma peaksin muretsema.

fortune favours the brave

The package is made from sturdy plastic and it has a big wide mirror. The mirror is good quality. The palette with 30 different shades, good mirror, sturdy packaging, is a great option to take on a trip with you. The only time I’d be worried is that the lid opens really easily. I would recommend to tie a rubber band around it to keep it closed during travelling. With the single palette you can make subtle eye makeup looks to dark smokey eyes.

Pakend on tehtud tugevamast plastikust ja sellel on ka suur peegel. Peeglil on hea kvaliteet. Paletis on 30 erinevat lauvärvi, hea peegel, tugev pakend ning kõik see teeb lauvärvipaleti ideaalseks kaaslaseks reisile minekul. Ainus asi selle juures, millele ma soovitan tähelepanu pöörata on kaane sulguvus. Minu paletil käib kaas lahti küllaltki kergelt ning seetõttu seoksin sellele paela ümber enne kui kotti pakiksin.

Goddess of Love triple baked highlighter in the shade Goddess Of Faith

It is a highlighter in a really cute heart shaped package. The package itself is made of strong cardboard and the highlighter is in a plastic mold. It just looks beautiful and cute.

Tegemist on särapuudriga, mis on pakendatud armsasse südamekujulisse toosi. Pakend on tehtud tugevast papist ning puuder on pressitud plastikust vormi.

goddess of love highlighter

The highlighter has a really nice pigment. The tone is icey with a snowpink sheen. It compliments every look and isn’t picky about other tones you have applied. For example it goes well with a warmer and with a colder eyeshadow look. The highlighter is easily blendable and with a setting spray it stays on almost whole day.   

goddess of love highlighter swatch

Särapuudril on väga kena pigment. Toonilt on see kergelt jäine roosaka alatooniga. See sobib iga meigiga ning ei ole pirtsakas teiste toonide suhtes. Näiteks see sobib nii sooja kui ka külma silmameigiga. Särapuuder on kergelt hajutatav ning koos kinnitusspreiga püsib see peal terve päeva.

goddess of love triple baked highlighter

Both of the products can be found in a Seele store and if you use a code “adryana15” you´ll get 15% discount from all your purchases.

Mõlemad mainitud tooted võite leida Seele poes ning kasutades koodi “adryana15”, saate kõigilt toodetelt allahindlust 15%.

Have you used Makeup Revolution products before? Which ones? How did you like them? Leave your reply in the comments.

Kas sa oled varem Makeup Revolutioni tooteid kasutanud? Milliseid? Kuidas sulle nad meeldivad? Jäta oma vastus kommentaaridesse.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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6 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Fortune Favors the Brave and Goddess of Love

  1. Gorgeous palette and I love that the highlight isn’t too warm or too cool toned. Most of my highlights tend to be either warm or cool and can’t mix and match.
    By the way, the eyeshadow palette, how many matte and satin shades does it have compared to shimmery ones? I love the wide range of shades it has from warm toned to cool, rose gold, and darker shades. I’m just not one to get a palette that has too many shimmers with very little mattes or crease shades.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The palette has aprox 7-8 matte tones and others are shimmery, baked, and metallics. If you can, definitely swatch it in the store. The colours are pretty and with a primer they are easy to work with too.
      The highlight is pretty and I love that heart shaped package 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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