CH Privée Carolina Herrera for women

Carolina Herrera launched CH Privée, a new fragrance for women in the beginning of 2017. If you want to know more about the fragrance, keep reading.

Carolina Herrera tõi 2017 aasta alguses turule uue lõhna naistele- CH Privée. Kui soovid Carolina Herrera uuest lõhnast rohkem teada saada, siis jätka lugemist.

carolina herrera privee bottle


The fragrance is powerful, and yet is has room for sweetness. It’s not harsh but it certainly doesn’t let itself go unnoticed. This is a scent for a strong woman who can hold her own against the winds of life. She´s someone who doesn’t give up and the more life suppresses her, the more she fights back. This is not a scent for quitters, it is for those who aspire for success. You should never to be afraid to be good at what you do.

Carolina Herrera CH Privée on tugeva lõhnaga, kuid tal on siiski ruumi kergele magususele. See ei ole karm, kuid see ei jää ka märkamata. CH Privée on tugevale naisele, kes suudab vastu seista elutuultele. See on naisele, kes ei anna alla ning mida rohkem elu teda tagasi lükkab, seda rohkem ta vastu võitleb. CH Privée ei ole allaandjatele, see on lõhn neile, keda kannustab edu.

carolina herrera privee package

The base of the fragrance is leather- a powerful scent and yet it goes so well with other aromas. The fragrance also features osmanthus, caviar, patchouli, and vanilla.

Lõhna alusnoodiks on nahaaroom, mis on jõuline, kuid siiski sobib kokku põhinootidega. Põhinootideks on Madagaskari vanillikaaviar, Hiina lõhnav osmantus ja muskuse absoluutõli.

The bottle is decorated with a golden cap, red leather bow, and the designer´s initials which hang from a ribbon. It is a representation of modernity (gold and leather) with a touch of fantasy and romanticism (red leather bow). The bottle is also aesthetically pleasing and makes every vanity just a little more elegant.

Pudel on kaunistatud kuldse korgiga ning punase nahast lehviga, mille külge on kinnitatud lõhnadisaineri initsiaalid. Kuld ja nahk esindavad kaasaegsust koos kerge fantaasia ja romantilisusega punase lehvi näol. Pudel on kaunis ning teeb iga laua elegantsemaks.

carolina herrera privee bottle

It is a perfume, so it is a must that it stays on thoughout the day. The only thing to keep in mind is to not go spray happy in the mornings.

Kuna tegemist on parfüümiga, püsib see peal terve päeva. Seoses sellega peab meeles pidama, et lõhnastamisega ei tasu hoogu minna.

I love the design and I love the scent. Carolina Herrera CH Privée  is perfect for me.

Ma armastan pudeli disaini ja lõhna ennast. Carolina Herrera CH Privée minu jaoks ideaalne.


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