Low budget & high end tag

A few weeks ago I was nominated for Low budget & high end tag  by Floating In dreams  Thank you for the nomination! I appreciate it a lot 🙂 If you don’t know her yet, you should definitely check her blog out and press that “follow” button.

summer makeup bag


Do you have more low budget or high end products in your make up collection?

Most of my makeup is from low budget brands.


Low-budget or high end mascara?

Low-budget because I can’t justify spending more than 10 dollars on a mascara.


Low-budget or high end foundation?

Low-budget because I love my Revlon Colorstay foundation and, again, I don’t see a reason why should I spend 40 dollars (or more) on a foundation.


Low-budget or high end eyeshadow palettes?

I prefer high end eyeshadows but low-budget can live up to them with a good eyeshadow primer.


Which product do you always buy from a low budget brand?



Which product do you always buy from a high end brand?

I prefer to get my skin care products from high street/high end brands.


What product did you used to buy high end, but have you now switched out for a budget variety?

Nail polishes. Sometimes the budget friendly nail polishes are better than high end ones.


Why doesn’t this product have a low budget equivalent yet?

There isn’t such a product for me.


There is no luxury make up product that can hold a candle to this budget product:

I don’t know. If something works well and is a budget friendly then I don’t see a reason why I should start looking for a high end version. Like they say, don’t fix something that isn’t broken.


Would you rather spoil yourself with 10 cheap items or 1 expensive item?

I would rather get the ten cheaper ones because cheaper doesn’t have to mean worse.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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7 thoughts on “Low budget & high end tag

  1. This is a nice tag. I also agree on nail polishes and foundation, i have a Urban Decay & BareMinerals foundation but to me they just the same as my Maybelline Fit Me

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  2. Fun tag! I might have to do this. I agree with you on nail polishes – many of the budget brands are just as good as high end ones! And I’m similar to you, mascaras I stick to drugstore, and skincare I tend to stick to higher end.

    Liked by 1 person

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