Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks and some brow products

A few weeks back, essence sent me a little gift box. When I opened the box I saw so many wonderful things inside it. As the weeks have passed I told you about nail polishes and eyeshadows. This time I’m going to talk about their lipsticks and brow products.


In the box there were three Matt Matt Matt lipsticks. One was everyday nude tone and others were darker pink and berry toned lipsticks.


Matt Matt Matt 02 Perfect Match

It is a darker nude mauve toned lipsticks, which is great for everyday subtle makeup. The tone looks good with beige, brown, and rose shade makeup looks.


Matt Matt Matt 07 Purple Power

It’s a darker pink tone with a hint of purple.


Matt Matt Matt 08 It’s A Statement  

As the name says, it’s a statement lip tone. It’s a dark and bold reddish purple tone, which needs confidence to wear it. It goes so perfectly well with a smoky eye makeup and my pale skin, which creates nice vampy look for parties.


Following characteristics are applicable to all previously mentioned lipsticks.

The texture of the lipsticks is soft. They glide on well and evenly. The finish is smooth but not super matte. I would say it has rather satin velvety finish than full matte. If you have dry lips, I suggest you wear a chapstick under the lipstick. It won’t make lipstick last as long as it would without the chapstick, but it will look prettier. Since the lipsticks have rather matte formula, it will emphasise the possible dryness of the lips. Good side is, the lipstick doesn’t dry my lips like matte lipsticks usually do.   

The pigmentation is great! With one stroke I can see the colour transferring on my lips. The rest of it is just the formulating a perfect finish.


The scent of the lipstick is sweet and warm, but subtle. I don’t smell it unless I actually try and sense the scent.

The lipsticks stay on well but if you plan to eat during the day, I suggest you to take lipstick with you. The formula won’t survive a proper meal and will disappear from the inner line of the lips. Reapplying it after meals is crucial to have a nice look.



  • Great pigmentation
  • Smooth application
  • Beautiful finish
  • Doesn’t dry lips
  • Beautiful colours
  • Stays on for hours (unless you eat)
  • Packaging is nice
  • Affordable



  • For a lipstick that is called Matt Matt Matt, I was expecting more matte finish


Essence Make Me Brow

It is a eyebrow gel mascara. The gel mascara has a dark brown greyish tone, which suits me well with my natural eyebrows.

Make Me Brow fixes and holds all eyebrow hairs in place a whole day. It also gives them a slightly darker tone but the finish looks natural.


I have been using it for most of the days. It takes only few strokes to do my brows. All I have to do is follow my natural eyebrow line and that´s all. Make Me Brow does it’s job without me having to put effort in it. It’s a really good product for a lazy brow person like me.

Essence Eyebrow Designer 02 Brown

It’s a brow pencil. I haven’t used a brow pencil before so I can’t really tell if it is a good one or are there better brow pencils. Based on my limited experience, I would say it is a nice addition to my makeup bag. It slides nicely, applies colour evenly and is easy to use. The pencil comes with a little brush which helps to blend the color evenly between all those brow hairs.


I don’t have anything bad to say to either of the brow products. I think it all depends on the person themselves, what they choose.  

Have you tried essence lipstick or brow products? How did you like them? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: I received these products for reviewing purposes. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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