Essence eyeshadows: all about nudes and contouring eyeshadow set

A week back, essence sent me a little gift box. When I opened the box I saw so many wonderful things inside it. As the weeks pass I will tell you all about them, but this time I’m going to concentrate on eyeshadows. In the box there were two eyeshadow sets entitled “all about nudes” and “contouring eyeshadow set”. In this post I am going to talk about them more closely.


Essence contouring eyeshadow set in the tone 01 mauve meets marshmallows

It is an eyeshadow set with a lighter and darker tone. Right off the bat, the tones were really warm and pretty.

The shadows have a little contour pressed in. The lighter one has “highlight” and the darker has “contour” carved into the shadow.  


Behind the package it has little instructions on how to take the maximum from the set. It says to use the light shade all over the eyelid and then add darker shade into the crease. It is a good thing if you are new to the makeup and are a bit unsure of yourself

The texture of the eyeshadows is quite powdery. During the application, I had more fallout than usual. The reason I took so much product on the brush, is because of the lack of the pigmentation. When the lighter shade is nicely pigmented, the darker isn’t. For my taste, it gave too little colour to my crease. I managed to pack it and build it up to have a darker crease. By darker crease, I mean it only had a light shadow. I can see it being good if you are still in school or you work in place where much makeup isn’t allowed. For me, the result was weak.

The stay on power was decent, I would say 6-8 hours. It didn’t crease or disappear through the day. It was lighter than in the morning, but it was there.


  • Little compact
  • Instructions in the back
  • Good product for beginners
  • Great for “no makeup” look
  • Stay on power is decent


  • Too powdery for my taste
  • Pigmentation could be better
  • Isn’t really buildable


Essence all about nudes in the shade 02 nudes

It is a eyeshadow set of eight nude tones. They vary from metallic to foiled to shimmery and to matte. Like the name of the set says, they are all in nude shades. With these eight tones you have everything to do a light smokey look.


The eyeshadows are creamy and really easy to work with. They are blendable and the pigmentation is good. To be honest, after the contouring eyeshadow set, my hopes weren’t high. I thought it was also going to be a disappointment but damn, I was wrong. I like this eyeshadow set.

The lighter tones are gorgeous highlighters, the middle ones are good transition tones, and the darkest is the cherry on the top. Those last brush dabs with the darkest tone into the crease gives the look the right finish.


On the back of the package there is also a little scheme and explanation how to use the shadows. Of course it is just one of many looks you can make from these.

The stay on power is good. I would say at least eight hours with only a slight fading. If I did my makeup in the morning, I could still see in in the evening.

I would say that if you have a tight budget and you can only afford one eyeshadow set, pick this one.


  • Texture is creamy and easily blendable
  • Stay on power is decent
  • Shadows are pigmented
  • Good variety of metallics, mattes, and shimmers


  • I can’t name a single bad thing

Have you tried essence eyeshadows? How did you like them? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: I received these products for reviewing purposes. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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12 thoughts on “Essence eyeshadows: all about nudes and contouring eyeshadow set

  1. I haven’t tried essence eyeshadows yet. I’ve tried other items that were actually decent though. I do not like an overly powdery eye shadow because they have a tendency to look “ashy” and I cannot deal with fallout. That’s why I love Makeup Revolution shadows so much–they are very silky!! Nice, nice post! Can you do one about proper brushes to use with eyeshadow?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The duo eyeshadow was powdery but the larger one was decent. You will get a slight fallout if you are not careful but that’s with any eyeshadow. I have one Makeup Revolution palette and it has kind of the same quality- slightly powdery but nothing too bad. And thank you! I’ll take your idea into consideration 😊


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