24 Happy Days aka The Body Shop’s Christmas Calendar. Day 6.

This year I decided to treat myself with advent calendars. One is a traditional candy calendar, but the other is from The Body Shop. It is called 24 Happy Days.


Like every other traditional christmas calendar, it has a small treat for every day until christmas. In this case, instead of chocolate, there are different mini products, or just smaller full size products for each day that goes by.


Also, what I find incredibly adorable, are the short sentence, good thoughts on every little box.

Day 6

Vanilla Chai Body Butter

It smells like vanilla custard with cinnamon. I am afraid it will be a tad too sweet for me to use on large areas. I will probably use it as a hand moisturiser or on some other smaller areas. I imagine if it was edible, it would be delicious.


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4 thoughts on “24 Happy Days aka The Body Shop’s Christmas Calendar. Day 6.

  1. Maybe you can use this for your feet! I do that when I have a cream that I don’t love the smell of – the feet is the furthest away from my NOSE. 😆


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