Manicure Of The Week with essence

A week back, essence sent me a little gift box. When I opened the box I saw so many wonderful things inside it. As the weeks pass I will tell you all about them, but this time I’m going to concentrate on nails. In the box there were two nail polishes. One was dark blue and the other, pastel greyish green.


In addition to the blue and green nail polish, there was also a base coat and a top coat. Both of them are designed especially for the essence gel nail polish range.

I was very excited and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Essence the gel nail polish base coat

On the bottle it says: “No lamp. Extreme shine. Ultra long-lasting gel shine”

For me the first question was why a base coat promises extreme shine. It is going to be the base of what I build up to. For me it doesn’t matter if the base coat is shiny or not. For me all it matters is if it applies well and dries quickly.

Moving on to the actual use of the base coat. The base coat has a comfortable wide brush. It glides easily on the nail and applies the polish evenly.

The drying time was around five minutes. I usually am extra cautious when it comes to manicure. I don’t like to apply another layer of polish on still half wet nail.

When I was satisfied with the level of dryness, I applied the coloured polishes. The base coat let me apply them evenly.


Essence the gel nail polish top coat

On the bottle it says: “No lamp. Extreme shine. Ultra long-lasting gel shine”

WIth the top coat the claims made so much more sense to me. Yes, I like when the top coat has a shiny finish. In my eyes, it will get my plus points for that.

The top coat brush was also wide and made applying the polish easy. It glided on well. The brush grabbed enough polish to cover a whole nail with one go.

The finish of the top coat was shiny like it promised. It also seemed to be thicker than the top coat I usually use. I liked the look a lot.

My only complaint, if I can say so, was the drying time. I hoped the top coat would dry faster and I could go on to my day in five minutes. That expectation was killed quickly. It was clear it needed more time to dry down completely. So, I turned on Netflix and watched my show (House MD) for 20 minutes. After those 20 minutes, House patient was still dying but my nails were safe and dry.

Good thing with the top coat was, that when it was dry, it was dry. You know those top coats that appear to be dry, you go on with your day, and then it comes out, it wasn’t really dry at all? Yeah, it is not one of those. I appreciate that a lot because the next moment I was doing a face scrub and my nails stayed perfect. They were as good as new.

Essence the gel nail polish in the tone 78 royal blue

I don’t think I am going to lie if I say that this is my new favourite blue nail polish. It is dark blue with a mixture of navy blue, white, grey, and black. It is reminiscent of stormy weather on a cold November evening on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Yes, I think it is exactly how essence came up with this tone. I absolutely love it!

The brush is wide and it glides on the nail easily. The wider brush makes sure that the polish is applied evenly. The rounded tip makes the application more precise and smudge free. Of course, if you are a beginner with painting nails, then it might take more practise to get a clean look. I like rounded tip, wide brushes because they are really easy to work with.


I applied two coats of the polish. It was more a habit than actual necessity this time. The first coat had an even application and a good tone.

Essence the gel nail polish in the tone 83 pretty cool life

It is a pastel greyish green nail polish. I like this tone because it is a good transition colour between pink and grey. I would combine the tone with the previously mentioned colours, at least .

It is a really pretty nail polish to wear it alone too. I find that it compliments my skin and gives that extra something to the nails while still staying subtle.

Like the royal blue, it has wider rounded brush. The polish applies evenly and is good to go with only one coat.


The drying time on both coloured nail polishes is decent. It is not the fastest but within 15 minutes you are already good to apply another layer. Would it be another layer of colour or top coat, that is up to you.


  • All polishes have rounded wide brush
  • Top coat has shiny finish
  • The manicure stays pretty thorough several days and showers
  • All polishes apply evenly
  • Easy to work with the wider and rounded brush
  • Colours are true to the bottles


  • Even though drying time is decent, it could be better
  • “Extreme shine” claim on the base coat bottle is confusing

Have you tried essence nail polishes? How did you like them? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: I received these products for reviewing purposes. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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