How to look human when you feel like a hungover vampire?

(Eestikeelse postituse leiad siit)

During the first weeks of October I wasn’t feeling good at all. I had a runny nose, cough, and overall I felt like I had a hangover, 24/7. In spite of feeling like crap, I had to be active on many levels. Work, and social life doesn’t care if you are sick. If things need to be done, they don’t care how you feel.

In this post I am going to talk about the products that saved me on those two weeks.


Instaglow CC Bright Glow

I applied it to clean skin. It gave me a fresh healthier complexion and primed my face for foundation. I loved how hydrating it was too. The CC cream also works well under your powder for the mornings you are in a hurry.


Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation

The foundation has a light to medium coverage. You can imagine that if you need to blow your nose all the time, you don’t want a heavy coverage foundation. Why? Because then your red nose will be extra bright. The cushion foundation is really nice and compact. It comes with a sponge and built in mirror, which makes it a perfect product to take with you for the day. I definitely did that. After every nose blowing, I “powdered” my nose over with the cushion foundation. It was a lifesaver and helper in making me look better.


Down To Earth Eye Palette

If you don’t feel well and use light coverage foundation, then you probably don’t want strong eye makeup either. To do my makeup for those sick days, I used the four lightest shades on the palette. I applied the lighter tones all over the lid and brow bone, and the tad darker in the crease. It gave enough tone to make my face “alive”.

Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner

I have been preaching about this product for a while now. I did my brows and outer corner of my eyes with it. It added more contrast to my face and was easy to use. The finish was natural with very minimal effort.


Shimmer waves

I used shimmer waves as a blush and under my brow. It is light and peachy enough to be used as a subtle blush and highlighter. As you can see, the lightest shade is already almost gone, so you can tell I have shown it some love. It is a great product to add to a blush too, it adds a bit more dimension.


African Ximenia Scrub

In order to get better, a good night sleep is a necessity. To get rid of daily stress, I used a bit of African Ximenia Scrub in my evening showers. It has a warm, soft, sweet scent. It is a soft but effective scrub that makes me feel like a million bucks after the shower. It has a thicker consistency and glides on my skin like a warm, sugary butter.  

Hawaiian Kukui Cream

Before bed I moisturised my skin with Hawaiian Kukui Cream. On the skin it felt light and was easily smearable. When applying it on my skin, it disappeared rapidly without leaving my skin feeling greasy. I think due to the more buttery consistency it soaked in quicker than other body moisturizers I have used.


Those were my lifesavers for sick days. What are the products you use to make yourself look more human when you don’t feel like it?

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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12 thoughts on “How to look human when you feel like a hungover vampire?

  1. Oh I had no idea Body Shop released a cushion version of the Fresh Nude Foundation. I reviewed it here:
    I’ve been really enjoying the finish even more so now the weather is much cooler. It leaves the skin with a glow. It sounds like the cushion foundation has a similar finish.
    I agree, the Shimmer Waves would add a lot of LIFE to your face if you’re a hungover vampire! 😆
    I hope you’re back to feeling 100% now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think they released the cushion foundation in the end of the June, I think, I might be wrong tho. It might have been July/August too. Either way it was rather recently. I’ll definitely check out your review about the foundation. I haven’t tried the “traditional” one so it probably is an interesting reading.
      Yes, the shimmer waves! It’s like highlighter, blush, and bit of a contour in one!
      Thank you! I’m feeling better now. The beginning of the month was tough tho.
      Btw, I’m in a search for a new YouTubers. Can you suggest me good Canadian YouTubers who are into makeup? I love RachhelLoves (she’s one of my favourites) but I’d like to know more YouTubers from Canada 🙂


    • WordPress was weird in my phone and didn’t want to log me in, but either way – I loved how informative the review was! Great job on that! I agree on the price, it is bit higher than a drugstore product but it is good too. 🙂


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