Beauty Tips

We all have our own tips and tricks when it comes to makeup. In this post I am going to share with you some of my own.


Powder your lashes before applying mascara

This trick becomes useful if you have mascara which tends to clump on your lashes. It also helps to make up the length if the mascara fails. In this picture the difference isn’t massive (if any) because I already have perfect mascara. The left eye is with powder and the right without powder. This trick comes in handy if your mascara is on the disappointing side.


Eye makeup remover, first eyes then face

How does eye makeup remover work? It dissolves makeup in a safe way on the most sensitive parts of your face. On days where you only wear mascara, there isn’t much to dissolve, so the cotton pad is still quite clean. Instead of throwing it away, wipe it over your face, that is if you are wearing makeup on your face too. If not, throw it away after taking your eye makeup off. There simply wouldn’t be any point smearing mascara on your makeupless face. If you are wearing makeup on your face too, the makeup remover in the cotton pad gives a good start for your other makeup remover. It will take the edge off of the full makeup and whatever product you use to cleanse your face, will do a better job.



Paper towel is your little helper with the brushes

If you have only 2 brushes to do your whole eye, this trick will help you a lot. This is also good to know if you haven’t cleaned your brushes after doing fantasy makeup and they are all bright pink and blue. Oopsies! So, all you simply need is a paper towel square and a dry brush. For example, if you are done with the brown eyeshadow and want to move to lighter one, just swirl the brush around on the paper towel and see how the shadow is transferred onto it. As a result you have a shadow free brush and you can continue your makeup. Of course you should still wash your brushes at least once a week.



What are your tips and tricks you use when it comes to beauty? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Tips

  1. I learned about powdering the lashes before mascara from online beauty tips! It does work really well but the powder does end up on the mascara wand which mixes with the mascara and eventually the formula gets goopy. But it does work. 🙂
    Great tips! Mine would be to blotch foundation before setting with powder – it helps with oil control and reducing caky foundation look. 🙂


    • If you powder lashes every time you use mascara, then yes, I can see it affecting the quality of formula. But then again, if the formula is already bad then it’s not the biggest loss in the long terms. I mean make the best out of the worst, right? 😊


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