Declutter of the year

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes forget about products I own. I get excited over new makeup, new techniques and adapt them into my everyday routine. Sometimes it causes me stop using the products I used before. They end up in the bottom of my makeup bag and they stay there until I renew the contents of the bag. Sad thing is, that sometimes the “victims” are my favourite products. So, let’s see what’s in my declutter pouch.

declutter all



Artistry Pressed Powder

This was actually a good powder. I really liked it. Application was easy. It didn’t cake, and let my skin breathe. The powder stayed on all day without having to retouch it. Through the years I used up five or six powders after I discovered this brand.  Unfortunately for me they discontinued my shade so I had to find myself a new powder. When I found a new compact powder, I kind of forgot about it. Luckily there wasn’t a lot left there either, so I didn’t waste much.

artistry powder

Would I repurchase? Yes
Revlon Lash Potion mascara

The mascara has gorgeous packaging. The colour combination is vivid, bright, and fun. It definitely cheers up any makeup bag. With these things, the positive part of the mascara ends.

revlon lash potion

It was a terrible mascara to use. It flaked and smudged within a few hours. The colour payoff was good, but what’s the use if it doesn’t stay on. I used it for a week and then I just gave up. I simply didn’t have time to worry about my mascara when I was up and about with my day.

Would I repurchase? No
The Body Shop Lightening Touch

I used it under my eyes. It brightened my skin after a sleepless night and made the dark circles less noticeable. At first I applied my foundation and then the lightening cream. It was good, but for some reason I stopped using it. At the moment I don’t remember, but chances are, I began using concealer instead of this.

the body shop lightening touch

Would I repurchase? Yes
Maybelline One by One Volum Express

It gave great volume, and length. I received quite a few compliments while wearing the mascara. Everything would have been perfect if there wasn’t one little problem- it had slight fallout after six hours of wearing.

one by one volume express

Would I repurchase? No


L’Oreal False Lash Butterfly Wings mascara

The mascara gave me a decent tone and curve. With two coats of mascara, my lashes looked really great. I didn’t notice any flaking or smudging through the day either.

loreal mascara

Would I repurchase? Yes


Etam Push Up De Teint

It is a BB cream in the tone 04 Terre De Feu. I got it as a present when I bought a few other things from Etam store in Lyon, France. I liked the formula and how it felt on the skin. The sad part was,  it stayed almost completely unused because of the tone. Back when I got it, I wasn’t into contouring and so it stayed on the shelf.

etam push up de tent

Would I repurchase? Yes, if I would have a chance to get the right tone for my skin.


What products you have had to declutter? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Declutter of the year

  1. This happens to me too, so often. Thankfully I have my make up spread out and I make a point of using different eyeshadow, blush and lipstick on a daily basis. The rest I stick to for a longer time, but get switched out when I want to try new products.


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