Acne and how to deal with it

I think we all know those days when we wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everything is perfect. Then you go to bathroom to do your morning routine and realise you have a new family member. On your face. Red and bright. Just sitting there forcing you to acknowledge it. Those are “nice” mornings, aren’t they?

After you go through shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and depression, you have to actually do something. Of course, some people are cool and don’t stress over it at all. I envy you because unfortunately I am not one of them. I need zitastrophies gone from my face as soon as possible.


So what I do?


On the first few days I go in with the heavy weaponry, the fear of all zits – The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil.

The oil is my superstar during days when my skin has declared a war to me. Although I have clear skin most of the time, accidents happen. By accidents I mean eating a box full of chocolate one evening and then wondering why I look all spotty in the next morning.

Coming back to the oil, it is efficient with drying pimples. I apply it with a q-tip on problematic spots through the day/evening on previously cleansed skin.


If my skin has minor cuts or scratches, the oil can cause a burning feeling. Luckily it passes quickly.

In a few days I already can see the results.


When I fight with those annoying bumps, I also use The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Toner. I use it only on the problematic parts of my face. Like the oil, it is expectantly harsher on the skin if I have scratches. I don’t suggest bringing a cotton pad/ball near your eye either.


When I see that the acne is almost gone, I begin moisturizing the area. I also do that when I have managed to scratch it and create a scab. To prevent myself from picking it, I moisturise it with The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Nourishing Cream. I got a little jar from their Christmas Calendar and I have been using it only on those moments. For me, the cream is too moisturising to use every night, but on scabs, it is perfect. It softens them and my skin doesn’t pull around the area. If I don’t feel it, I won’t pick it.


On zitastrophie days I try to wear minimal makeup to give skin a chance to breathe. It isn’t the prettiest sight but my health is more important than aesthetics. If I should wear heavier makeup, I moisturize the problematic area beforehand. No matter whether I choose a BB cream, powder, or foundation, I apply primer or a night cream as a first step in doing my makeup. It is important to keep the problematic area hydrated because otherwise the foundation (or whatever you choose)  won’t sit right. If the foundation doesn’t sit right, it will draw the attention to the area you don’t want.


This is my way to deal with acne. I hope you found this helpful. Do you have any tips or tricks you do when zits are attacking?

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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20 thoughts on “Acne and how to deal with it

  1. Love this. The Body Shop is the best isn’t it☺ love your tips as I too wake up after a tonne of chocolate and wonder why my skin looks bad haha. I’ll take a look at the tea tree products next time I’m in store, so thanks for the detailed post☺ x

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  2. Awesome tips! I have acne-prone skin and occasionallly I would suffer with acne and bumps. 😳

    Btw, so you don’t use the acne treatments all over your face right? So do you use a seperate toner, serum and moisturizer for the rest of the face? And is it safe to use it all over the face? Is it too drying. I’ve been eyeing on their tea tree skincare line as they are so popular. Lovely post 💕

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    • I guess it depends on your skin type and how acts with different products. Sometimes I use toner all over my face, sometimes only problematic parts. Overall I wouldn’t suggest to use it on daily basis all over the face. It dried my problem free skin out with a week.
      I love The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in -1 wash/scrub/mask. It has kept my skin problems under control quite well. I use that twice a day to wash my face but I have heard that some people can use it one once-twice a week because it is too harsh for their skin. I love it tho. I wrote a separate post about it too 🙂
      Thank you for reading! 😄

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