Makeup Revolution review

A few weeks ago I won a generous giveaway by Jade. You should totally check her blog out-  link . As a prize there were two products from Soap & Glory, and four from Makeup Revolution.

Without further ado, let´s jump right in.

pic 2

The biggest thing in the package was Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos eyeshadow palette. From the first look the colours seemed to be really bright. After few moments looking at the palette, I saw multiple ways how to combine the shades.

pic 4

Overall it was easy to use the palette. The formula was pigmented and easy to blend. The way the palette is laid out, gave me “pre-chosen” combinations to use on my lids. The colours come in threes if you look at them vertically. I decided to do it my way and picked Calm me down (cream shade on the bottom right), Beyond Real (fuchsia pink next to Calm me down), ands Ammunition (burgundy purple above Beyond Real)

pic 1

pic 3


From the lip products I got a lipstick called #LIPHUG lipstick in the shade “Let’s raise the bar”. The tone is pink coral which goes well with my slightly tanned skin during summer time. The lipstick claims to be long lasting with a high shine. In my experience those two don’t go together. Although I usually like to be right, this time it isn’t the case. After eating I needed to reapply the lipstick. It wasn’t a hassle for me, just a thing I had to keep in mind while using the product.  

The formula is creamy and soft. It glided easily on the lips and gave them a nice glossy look. Without eating, the fresh look stayed on quite some time.

pic 5


Another lip product I received, was a Ultra Velour Lip Cream in the shade “Move your mouth forever”. It is a nude tone, lightweight lip cream with a doe foot applicator. Using the product was easy. It glided smoothly over my lips, moisturised, and felt good. The only downfall for me with this product was that it made my lips almost disappear into my face. The reason was that the colour is very close to my skin tone.

The lip cream smells like caramel vanilla marshmallow s’mores. If you are on a diet, it will make you want to eat everything you are not supposed to. I love the scent!

pic 6

The last thing I got from the Makeup Revolution line was Vivid Blush Lacquer. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try it out because the pump isn’t working. In the package it looked beautiful though…


The two products from the Soap & Glory were “Heel Genius, amazing foot cream” and “The Righteous Butter body moisturizer”. I just love their design and dusty pink packages.

The Righteous Butter has a light, sweet raspberry scent. It smells like a dessert. The body butter moisturised my skin well and left it silky smooth. The sweet smell lingers in the air quite a while after using it. I didn’t mind however, I liked it.

pic 7

The Heel Genius foot cream has a minty scent. It soaked into the skin a longer time than the body butter. So I suggest you to use it when you don’t have to be on feet right after using the cream. Heel Genius is water and glycerin based cream. I think the glycerin is the “magic component” which makes my feet soft.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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