The Beauty Bloggers Convention – JOIK

On the 23th of April, forty beauty bloggers all over Estonia got together in the restaurant called  Al Bastione. I was also among the forty.

Each beauty blogger also got a little gift bag. Well, not so little. The gift bag was quite big and impressive.

From JOIK I got three products to use and test out.

joik all

Moisturizing Day Cream – It is a day cream with rosehip, wheatgerm, and carrot oil. The cream was in a bottle with a pump. It made sure that the cream wouldn’t be contaminated with bacteria or dust particles when I used it. For me, it took two-three pumps to get enough product to moisturise my skin.

The cream soaked into my face quickly. This makes it a good cream under my foundation for days when I don’t want to use a primer. I usually use Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control under my foundation, and I can easily say that this cream can do as good a job as the Smashbox primer.

When I decide to have a no-makeup day, I like when my face creams give me matte finish. It is unfortunate for me that it didn’t give me a matte finish. Since I have oily skin, my skin already looks shiny after a few hours. This is the reason I like when products have matte finish.

The cream had a slightly sweet scent but nothing overpowering. The colour was a nice sunny yellow, a good positive colour drop into our still grey mornings.

joik sep

Regenerating Night Cream – It was a night cream with calendula extract, sea buckthorn, and jojoba oil. Like the day cream, this was also packed into a bottle with a pump. I prefer all my face creams and serums in a bottles with a pump. These two definitely got two thumbs up for that!

The night cream soaked into skin quickly, leaving a nice moisturized feeling. In the morning my skin had a healthy glow.  Sad thing is, it made my nose area slightly break out, but other than that, it was a good cream.

Another good thing about the packaging was, you can see when you start to finish the product. The inner workings of the bottle bring the product up as you use it. This guarantees you will get all the product from the bottle without wasting any. As you can see on the picture, I’ve used the night cream a few millimetres more than the day cream.

joik edge

Overall, I think the day cream and the night cream are better for people who have dry skin.

Lemon & Vanilla Body Lotion – It was a body lotion with sea-buckthorn, and yoghurt extract. This product was in a small plastic bottle with a pump. Thanks to the pump it was easy to get the product out, without letting bacteria in. It smeared easily and soaked in quickly, and left my skin smooth and moisturised.

The scent was like a sweet lemon. I have to admit, at first I wasn’t a fan of the smell. It seemed to be too sweet. When I smeared it out on my skin, the sweetness got milder and I could sense the lemon too. After I was done moisturising my skin with the lotion, it had nice lemony scent to it.       

joik body

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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5 thoughts on “The Beauty Bloggers Convention – JOIK

  1. First of all, Im so impressed with those props and the brightness of the picture and vanilla body lotion sounds amazing as I already use fragrance mist from Victoria’s secret which I wear a lot during Spring months and it has vanilla flavour in it which I used to get so many compliments from others and so, this one will perfectly work well too.

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