The Body Shop Mini Haul


So, what happened? Last week and this week there were discounts in all the biggest shopping centres in town. My plan was to find myself some new living room accessories, which I did. On the road to that shop, I passed The Body Shop store. I thought “why not, I can take a look what they have for these discount weeks”. I left the shop with three new items for myself.



Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick – Remember, I told I won’t buy a new chapstick before I have finished seven current ones. Apparently, those seven have all been lost to chapstick land, because I have no idea where they are. In the makeup bags and purses where I thought they were, I found only emptiness. Taking that into consideration, this was a much needed purchase. Now I have two chapsticks. One for my workdesk and the other into my work essentials makeup bag.

Coming to the chapstick, it is soft and smooth on my lips. It glides on easily and leaves a slightly shiny finish. The chapstick is infused with cocoa butter, which is well known good moisturiser.



Coconut cream – I bought it for my work essentials makeup bag. The shea hand cream is almost empty. Plus I just can’t go anywhere without a good hand cream. I mean, I can, I just choose not to.

The cream has a mild coconut scent and gel feeling. It disappears into skin quickly which makes it a perfect travel companion.



Eye Makeup remover – Although I have my go-to eye makeup remover, I am still on the search for other good products. Currently I am using Simple one, and that isn’t good at all. You will be able to read about it, (probably), in my May empties post, unless I am going to call it a flop. Coming back to this remover. The Body Shop remover is a two phase product. Like other types of liquids, you have to shake it before using it.

The eye makeup remover does a fantastic job. When I use it, I hold a cotton pad on my eyes for fifteen seconds. After that I gently wipe my eye makeup off.



The formula is gentle on the eyes. I am quite certain that even those who have sensitive eyes, can use it. I didn’t have to rinse my eyes after or feel any soreness. I am positively surprised with the product. I used their solid eye makeup remover last summer and that was a disappointment for me. Usually I am very picky when it comes to eye makeup removers. For this, at the current moment, I have no complaints. Plus, did I mention how good the packaging looks?

One thing I have to say, since I don’t use waterproof makeup, I have no idea how well it removes that.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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14 thoughts on “The Body Shop Mini Haul

    • My favourite is Almond Hand & Nail cream. I also like shea and coconut hand cream. You have to try them yourself. They are all good, but the question is in the scent 🙂


  1. Besides, I love coconut flavours and hence, I would certainly gives a thumps up for this hand cream and cocoa flavours are divine too as I’m currently using Ted Baker cocoa scented lip balm and I love it a lot.

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