Quick curls

Sometimes I want to have curls in my hair. That happens sometimes.  What never happens though, is spending an hour doing them. In particular, it frustrates me if it is moist and even with hair spray they are gone within few hours.

I’ve recently discovered a quicker way to do my curls. On my better days, it doesn’t take over ten minutes.

So, here is what you need to do:

Put your hair into two pigtails like in a kindergarten. Yes, you will look either very cute or not so much. For me, it is the latter option, but hey, life happens. I’m cool with it.


So, now that your hair is tied up, get out your heat protection spray. Spray the product on tails and brush them through. It will help the heat protection spread better. I have noticed that with it, the curls hold better.

Divide the pigtails into three parts. Take one part between the curler clamp and curl like you usually would.


When all the curling is done, free your hair from the pigtails. Brush your fingers through your hair, and see those beautiful waves. If you need to, you can curl over some parts of hair.


That is all. Within ten minutes, you have nice, wavy hair, and probably more time to spend on eating your breakfast.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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17 thoughts on “Quick curls

  1. What a great idea. I have to send this post to my daughter! For me, my hair is naturally curly so I just pincurl for a few moments. BTW–go onto ELF’s website. They are having a huge sale. I thought of you! XOXOXO!!!

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    • That is so sweet of you for letting me know about the sale! 😄 Thank you! About the curling.. I avoided curling like fire before I found out about this tip. Now it’s so much easier to get the wavy look.


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