Quick makeup


On some mornings I don’t feel like going out with full makeup. On those days I use very few products to give my face some much needed simple definition.  



I start with applying The Body Shop Pore Minimizer on my face. It will calm possible redness, and it gives a matte finish. You can read more about the Pore Minimizer in my previous posts here, here, here, and here.

After the Pore Minimizer I brush my face over with YSL transparent pressed powder. It won’t give any additional colour to my skin, but it makes it look smoother. I love this powder because even on my bad zitastrophie days, it makes me feel better about myself.

Next step after powder is applying blush to my cheeks. For that I use The Balm Fratboy blush. It has peachy tone which looks more natural with my skintone. On days when I am wearing full makeup, I usually use Revlon Mauvelous but on easygoing days, this is my pick. I talked about it in my post entitled “Top 5 Products ”



When my skin is set and done, I move on to my eye area.

I use The Body Shop Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner to go over my brows. I use a light hand to make sure the gel will only touch my brow hair. This is a perfect natural brow product. I also use it to draw a line on the top of my upper lashes, and a bit into the crease. I use my finger to smudge it out, creating an illusion of darker eyelids without adding eyeshadow. It makes eyes pop more.

For the mascara, I am using L’oreal False Lash Wings in the tone Black. I apply only one coat of mascara. It gives me a decent tone and curve. Of course, if I would add another coat, my lashes would look move vivalaboom, but this isn’t my aim here.



After my eyes are done, all I have to do is add lipstick and I am ready to go. Currently my go to lipstick has been NYX in the tone Pops Explosif.  WIth few strokes it is on, and my makeup is done.


All this takes around five minutes, if you are experienced, maybe even less. As a result I have easy, light, everyday makeup.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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Thank you for reading,


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