How much is my face worth?

Today I am going to share with you my everyday makeup look and its cost. It’s scary, isn’t it? Have you thought how much cost all products together that you use everyday?

I am going to stick only to makeup products, and leave out all products I use for skincare.
This has been my go-to makeup for a few weeks now.


To do the eye makeup I use the following products:

Etam Push Up Regard Crayon Kohl Ultra-Pigmente- Long name short- it is a white eyeliner in the tone 01 Beige Toute Nue. I use it in the corner of my eye, and on the lower waterline. – 2,9EUR/3,28USD (Etam).

Etam Push Up Regard Crayon A Paupieres Longue Tenue- It is eyeshadow in creamy pencil form. I have it in the tone 02 Peche A La Ligne. I use it as a basecoat for my eyeshadow. The Etam´s eyeshadow pencil works really well as an eyelid primer. It holds all the colours in place and makes them pop more. – 9,9EUR/10,86USD (Etam)

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette – Colours Thirteen (inner corner), Combust (base), Whiskey (crease), Black Market (outer corner), Dirtysweet (lid), High (browbone).
I love how blendable the colours are. It is perfect for a smokey eye. It is also one of my Top 5 Products. – 54USD (Sephora)


On my face I use following products:

Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control- I am not overly excited about this product but it is good. – 42USD (Sephora)

Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous – I use the tone 810 Classic Ivory. This is actually one shade too light for me, but I can make it work with the help of bronzer. Also, if you have oily skin, you should use a primer under this foundation. A good powder can be a helpful product, to keep this foundation moving. I think it is more suitable for dry skin. Overall, I am not really happy with the foundation, but it isn’t too bad. – 12.99USD (Ulta)

Revlon Colorstay Concealer- I have it in the tone “02 Light”. I wrote about this in my post entitled Work Essentials – 10.49USD (Ulta)

The Body Shop Loose Face Powder- I am using the tone 02. It is a good powder. It sets and tones my face. Without this powder, my Covergirl foundation isn’t lasting more than four hours. This powder holds the Covergirl foundation in a place. I have used the powder alone too. I love the natural glow it gives my skin. The powder is light on my face and yet still covers the little discolouring on my skin. – 20.30EUR/22.27USD (The Body Shop)

Revlon Powder Blush –  I have it in the tone 003 Mauvelous. It has darker pink shade and is easily blendable with other products. The blush has a little shimmer in it too. I used it for a while before I began to use The Balm Fratboy blush again. – 10.99USD (Ulta)

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter –  I talked about it in my Top 5 Product post. -24USD (Kohl)

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves – I have it in the shade 04 Coral. This is a perfect product to blend in blush and highlighter. On some days I also use it as a blush and highlighter in one. It is a good alternative during summer when your sunkissed skin needs just a little touch up with a light shimmer. -23.5EUR/25.78USD (The Body Shop)

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer – I use it in the shade 021 Sun Light. It is a natural bronzer with minerals. -4.99USD (Kohl)


Brows and lips

Maybelline Browdrama Pro Palette – I have it in a shade 260 Deep Brown. Most of the time I use only powder. -12.99USD (Ulta)

Maybelline Volum´ Express The One By One mascara – I use the tone Satin Black. It gives great volume, and length.  I have received quite a few compliments while wearing the mascara. Everything would be perfect if there weren’t one little problem- it has slight fallout after six hours of wearing. This is not my favourite mascara. The product is discontinued. I won’t be crying over it. The price was 3EUR on my local supermarket. 3.29USD

The Body Shop Lip Liner – I use it in a tone Clover Pink. It has a softer formula and is really easy to apply to your lips. The pencil defines, and creates a good base for lipstick. – 10.5EUR/11.52USD (The Body Shop)

NYX Butter Lipstick – I have it in the tone BLS17 Pops Explosif. I love this lipstick. I´ve been wearing it almost everyday since I got it in October. It has a nice soft buttery formula, and goes well with every look. – 5.99USD (Ulta)


All together 255.44USD.

If I take into consideration that most of the products are drugstore and only few are higher end products, then result isn’t too bad. The most expensive things in the bunch are UD Naked Smoky palette and Smashbox primer. Since they both are pigmented/concentrated products, they will last long. I actually think that I could use some products here for two years at least before finishing them. Isn’t it a happy and sad thing at the same time?

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.
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Thank you for reading,

16 thoughts on “How much is my face worth?

  1. That is an interesting post and I love the breakdown that you have shown for each product and then, sum it up to the end. Also, I completely agree with you that when you sum up all the products, you can’t imagine how much it costs around. And, this post makes me to think to calculate my consumption on makeup too.

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    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it 😊 It was entertaining and interesting to calculate how much money I’m putting on my face every day. I think you should/could do also this kind of post if you are interested. You’d have fun… or you’d be stressed out because of the sum in the end haha. Thank you for reading xoxo 😊

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  2. This was an excellent post. We have many of the same products and between my high and low price points, I’m sure the amount of Bonaparte’s money that I spent on beauty products is outrageous! But I would like to recommend to you the ELF primers. At $6 USD, they are excellent. I’ve purchased the Smashbox primer many times but then started to realize there are quite the amount of primers that are just as good if not better at a lower price!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I will definitely check out Elf’s primer when I come in May. I already know that I will probably buy everything that Elf, Nyx and Revlon are offering on their counter lol. It will be overwhelming experience once again. I think I should make a shopping list so I wouldn’t completely lose my mind haha. Thank you for reading xoxo 😊


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