Things not to do aka things I learned the hard way


Sometimes I think I am smart and then life proves me wrong. I rush and add extra things to save time while I try to get the best results, then bad things happen. Is it just me, or does everyone have this problem?

One thing I have learned, makeup and beauty procedures are not meant to rush. Fixing the results will take more time than doing things in a normal pace.


  • cream + primer + foundation

This may work if you leave more than 40 minutes between cream and primer, but I have noticed that if the time is less than that, the foundation won’t sit right. In my experience, the mixture will ball up and almost peel off of my face while applying foundation. When that happened, I cleansed my face and started over without adding primer. So in summa summarum it took more time than applying the cream + foundation, or primer + foundation.


  • mascara + setting spray

I´ve done my makeup, everything is looking perfect, and I am in a rush. I add setting spray a few seconds after I finish applying my mascara. After that scenario the only thing that can follow is instant regret. It has happened more than once or twice because I make the mistake at least six or seven times to be sure it is a mistake. Some call it stupidity, I call it curiosity.

Coming back to the point of mascara and setting spray I should describe a little of what it has done to me. Long story short- it has given me beautiful mascara prints under my eyes which is not how any of that should work. That means removing mascara from my skin alongside cream/primer, concealer, foundation, and powder. There is a long list of products to reapply to fix the mistake.

Before adding setting spray you should wait a few until mascara has dried. It might sound annoying but in the end, it saves time and nerves.


  • rushing with eyebrows

Eyebrows sound like nothing. It’s child’s play to fill them in, or is it? I´ve had plenty of mornings where I was in a rush because I hadn’t gotten up at the right time. Then doing my makeup, I wanted to get everything ready quickly, but then things happened. By those “some things” I mean filling my eyebrows too quickly and eagerly. As a result I have dark brown strong brows. If that is your thing, then cool. I’m sure they look good on you. On me, they don’t.

It is easier to take those thirty seconds to do your brows, then fix it for five-seven minutes later.


  • not brushing hair before shower

One should always brush their hair before shower. The reason is simple- it will be easier to wash them, less tangles, and less broken hairs. Plus, you prevent your shower drain looking like the girl from The Ring is about to crawl out of it.



I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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11 thoughts on “Things not to do aka things I learned the hard way

  1. 40 minutes between moisturizer (cream) and primer? Ummm… what? After I apply my moisturizer in the morning, I let it absorb into my skin while I get dressed, which takes me maybe 10 minutes. By then it’s absorbed I start my makeup. I have never heard waiting 40 minutes for your moisturizer to absorb beforehand. You really only need 5 minutes at least.

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  2. Rushing with the eyebrows and the cream, primer, etc, are my mistakes! I tend to do my hair before my make-up, so I’ll put the cream/moisturizer on before doing my hair and it’ll be absorbed enough to put primer/pore filler stuff on.


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