February favourites


During February I didn’t try a lot of new products. I bought a few skincare items on the last week of February but I won’t count them in. I can only say that I like them a lot. Maybe, (and probably), they will be part of my March favourites. Also all my favourites from the past months are staying strong.

This month is a poor one regarding my favourites. I have two new items to add into the bunch with my older favourites.



Real Techniques Powder Brush

Its bristles are soft on the skin. The brush is great at applying mineral powders. It works well with pressed powders too, but I prefer to use it to apply loose powder.The bristles are made from synthetic taklon, are hand-cut, and 100% cruelty-free. It has a wider base, which means I could store it standing on my vanity.  However, I choose to keep it in my drawer. Chances are, that if I leave it out, my cat will snatch it from me.



Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner

I received it as a gift in October. Back then, I used it every once in awhile but with colder weather it has become one of my favourite laptop side accessories. Whenever I take a seat behind my laptop, it is the second thing I do. It is hydrating and softening on my lips. Since it is soft and creamy, it is easy to apply. I love that it stays on my lips quite a long time. Sometimes I use it before bed too. Then, in the morning my lips are already moisturised and ready to deal with dry lipsticks and other makeup products. On the homepage of Jersey Shore, it says “Mongongo oil is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and anti-oxidants. Fresh organic flavors. No petrochemicals. Nothing artificial. No petroleum. Enjoy the added benefits of organic healing rosemary extract, organic calendula extract and vitamin E, non-GMO from sunflowers. USDA Certified Organic. Paraben-free. Petrochemical-free. Cruelty-free.”



I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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10 thoughts on “February favourites

  1. I saw the RT brush that you purchased at Ulta. I was going to buy it but use it as a buffer. What do you think? Do you think that brush would make a good buffing brush? I’ve been buffing as a final step lately and I like the finish..but I’m looking for the perfect brush!

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  2. This brush looks amazing! I have a slight brush fetish atm! Love that with this base it can also stand! Pretty handy! Lovely blog, easy to read! Now an avid follower!
    ❤️Rhi xx

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