2 concealers, 2 ways ways to use them

Recently, I have mentioned a few times, different concealers I use on an everyday basis. One is in a palette, and has a creamy consistency, and the other is liquid in a tube. They both have their own purpose of making my makeup better.

Revlon Colorstay Concealer

Revlon Colorstay Concealer is a liquid concealer with a doe foot wand. The liquid concealer is best for normal, combination, and oily skin. It is easily buildable and so you can create light to full coverage

I have it in the tone “02 Light”. I use this concealer under my eyes in a triangle shape pointing down to give my cheeks brightness. On my better mornings it does a great job with hiding the darker skin under my eyes. I also draw triangles on my forehead, on my chin and a thin line on the bridge of my nose. Sometimes to hide zits, but mostly to give my face more structure and light.

Liquid concealer is also good for covering zits and blemishes because it doesn’t cake up so easily as other types of concealer would. When I have a dryer patch on my face that needs covering up with the concealer, I mix it with a day cream.

I apply a little amount of cream on my hand and mix it up with concealer. Either I apply the mixture to my face, or I apply cream on the dry patch first. Then, before it has soaked in, I apply concealer to the same spot. It helps to prevent caking up or looking too dry when all makeup is done.


Bell HYPOAllergenic Skin Camouflage Concealer

This is a creamy four-coloured palette for skin colour correcting. Green is to cover up redness and spider veins. Pink is to conceal dark circles under the eyes. Beige is to conceal, and depending on your skin tone, brightens up some areas of your face. I managed to drop it one day and because of that it is in two pieces. Although- I am not worried about it at all. The clamp keeps the lid on without a problem.

Green is best to apply on redness. For example, on a red zit head, but not around it. If applying green colour corrector on skin, it will make it look like there were darker spots after covering skin with a foundation.

Pink is best to cover up dark circles under eyes. I usually apply it with my ring finger or a brush. Then I tap it to blend it out and cover with foundation later.

Beige is to cover up small discolouring on skin. Sometimes I apply beige around “green” zits. It will help foundation to blend easier on skin.



A little illustrating picture from a combination of two concealers, and how I use them.



I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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10 thoughts on “2 concealers, 2 ways ways to use them

  1. The Camouflage Concealer palette looks great – I had one like that but I hardly ever used the green – it also came with a lilac shade (to cancel out yellow / sallowness) but I also didn’t use it. Yours looks creamier than what I had though. Good overview on how to use concealers / correctors. 🙂


    • I got it from my local store, in Estonia. I believe it’s a Polish brand. I think they sell it in Eastern -Europe, I’m not sure tho. I’m glad you liked my post 😊 Thank you!


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