Manicure of the week

For this week´s manicure I chose brown-grey taupe, and black nail polish.

My right hand “mirrors” the left one with opposite colours

The brown-grey taupe nail polish is by Christian Dior. It is from Dior Vernis line. The shade is called ´403 Palais Royal´.

The black nail polish is by The Body Shop. It is from their Color Crush range, and in the shade ´740 Smoky Rose´.


I also used The Body Shop Colour Crush in the tone ‘830’. It is a top and base coat.

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10 thoughts on “Manicure of the week

    • I’d say they are because thanks to their designed brush, it’s really easy to apply nail polish. The brush is wider and with curved tip. Two strokes per nail is enough to cover a nail. The formula is bit thicker than usually and it applies smoothly on the nail. Lasting power is 3-4 days before it starts to chip. So that isn’t anything too special in my mind. Overall I’d say they almost justify their price haha 🙂

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  1. Dior Palais Royal is absolutely gorgeous! I used to have a grey Dior polish (306 Gris Trianon) but gave it to a friend who loved it so much – I own too many polishes to justify keeping it. The Dior formula is topnotch! 🙂

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    • Thank you! When I first bought it I was like “I’m probably never going to wear this but it’s discounted so I’m going to buy it anyway”. Now it’s one of the most used nailpolishes I have.


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