The Body Shop Spa of the World

Last week I received three products from Spa of the World range from The Body Shop to try out and review. The mentioned three products are African Ximenia Scrub, Hawaiian Kukui Cream, and Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil. It is a perfect combination for luxurious spa treatment at home..



The Spa of The World body care collection is inspired by the traditional beauty rituals from across the globe. If you look at The Body Shop homepage you will also find products which took inspiration from Egypt, French, Japanese beauty rituals. Today I am going to talk about products that were created by getting ideas from Africa, Hawaii and Thai.

All three products are in beautifully designed larger plastic containers. Before I reached for them to take a closer look, I thought the containers were made of glass. I think if they were packed into the glass jars, the containers would be much heavier. That would mean if the jar fell, the consequences would be sad. Glass vs plastic container shows how well the design was thought through.


African Ximenia Scrub

When opening the jar, you can see cream white scrub. The consistency is thicker than any other body scrubs I have used. The scrub is infused with ximenia oil from Namibia, Africa. The ximenia fruit seeds are handpicked from the ´Tree of Life´ as it is called in Namibia. The fruit seeds yield luxurious rich oil which is good for your skin.

I used it in the shower after washing myself. It is quite buttery. That means it doesn’t pour out when turning the jar upside down. I had to hold the jar with one hand while I scooped the product with other. It wasn’t hard to do because despite of its thick consistency, it was soft enough. While using it, I found out it is better to apply it on lightly moist skin. That means after rinsing yourself from shower gel/soap, you should wipe off little droplets of water from your body also. Otherwise the product will melt quicker than you are able to smear it over your body.

On the body it felt soft and smooth. The exfoliating particles in the scrub are refined and not harsh on the skin. That means it will be perfect even if you have sensitive skin. Despite the fine grind, the scrub did exactly what it said on the jar. It exfoliated gently, got rid of dead skin cells and left me with soft silky feeling. It is also a moisturizing scrub. After using it, I didn’t have to use body lotion/butter.

The scent of the scrub is bit sweet and exotic, but not overpowering. It reminds me of a warm carefree summer. I was much more relaxed than before the shower.



Hawaiian Kukui Cream

After shower I like to use body moisturizers, whether I need to or not. This time I used Hawaiian Kukui Cream. It is a rich nurturing body cream with Kukui oil from Hawaii. Kukui oil is beneficial for the skin as it helps to restore skin´s natural suppleness and leaves it nourished and soft. It is perfect for moisturizing dry skin.

When opening the jar I saw the this product also had a pretty cream white colour. The consistency is also slightly thicker than I am used to. It isn’t bad, just different. On the skin it felt light and was easily smearable. When applying it on my skin, it disappeared rapidly without leaving my skin feeling greasy. I think due to the more buttery consistency it soaked in quicker than other body moisturizers I have used. After it had soaked in, my skin was smooth and silky. Plus, it left my skin smelling really nice.  

The scent of the cream is luxurious. It is sweet and lightly fresh at the same time. If I would describe it with a picture, then it would be like elegance, white pearls and evening gown at a high society ball. It is a beautiful combination of luxury, elegance, and relaxation.



Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil

You can use a massage oil after a shower or just simply after a long work day to relax your mind and body. Since I like to use a cream type moisturizer after a shower, the massage oil took a place for itself in pre-bedtime routine.

Few times in a week, before bed, I use it on my calves, shoulder/neck area and small back. Due to my work (sitting behind a desk all day in the office), those are the areas which tense up in the end of the day. After using the oil, I felt named areas relaxing a bit. I think it is because of the combination of lemongrass essence and scent.

The oil disappears into the skin slowly, leaving enough time to do massage before needing to reapply.

As the name hints, the lemongrass massage oil smells like herbs mixed with lemons. At first the smell is strong but after rubbing it onto skin, it gets milder. The the scent is fresh and relaxing. Although, if you are not a fan of long lasting lemon scents, this is not for you.





The Body Shop generously gave me one extra jar of Hawaiian Kukui Cream for a giveaway between my readers.

In order to win the cream, you must:

  • Have a residential address in Estonia
  • Follow me either through WordPress or email
  • Write your email in the comments if you are interested of winning the product

You can enter until 14th of February. The winner will be announced on 16th of February.

The giveaway is closed. I will contact the winner through their email. Thank you for participating.


Disclaimer: I received these products for reviewing purposes. Opinions expressed are solely my own.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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