Manicure of the week


For this week´s manicure I chose black, teal green and silver. I chose Slytherin.

My right hand “mirrors” the left one.

I used three different nail polishes from three different brands.



The black nail polish is by The Body Shop and from their Colour Crush range. The shade is called ´740 Smoky Rose´.

The teal green is by OPI. The shade is called ´Amazon…Amazoff´.

The silver is by Accessorize. The shade is called Crystal.



Last week the world lost a great actor and a wonderful person, Alan Rickman. I chose the colours as a sign of respect to one of his greatest roles. He stepped into my life as Professor Snape, and has stayed in my life since then.


“The point about a great story is that it’s got a beginning, a middle and end.” – A.Rickman

Thank You for your stories.


Rest In Peace.



Thank you,


12 thoughts on “Manicure of the week

  1. Love this post as the nail polishes are super pretty, I really like the idea of using 3 different colours, but I am also a huge fan of Harry Potter! So sad about Alan Rickman, he was an amazing actor especially as Professor Snape! xx

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