Marc Anthony Argan Oil hair care


In my December Empties post I talked about Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco. When I finished my usual shampoo, I started using another shampoo. My hair did not like it at all.  I also began using a hair oil that ended up being really bad, and my hair started acting up. Plus I began testing out new dry shampoo which wasn’t good either. I noticed how my hair lost its shine and life. The mentioned bad hair oil is from Syoss, so stay away from it. I will give my reasons in my future post entitled “Flops” but that is still a song unwritten.

Today when I was at the department store, I took a look at their hair care department. To my positive surprise they were, and still are, carrying Marc Anthony products. I remembered how much I liked Marc Anthony´s Argan Oil hair oil, I got myself a shampoo, a conditioner, and a bottle of hair oil.


I did a little research right then and there in between shelves about Marc Anthony´s different lines. I decided to give it a try with their shampoo and conditioner from argan oil line. I chose the hair oil from his macadamia oil line.

Both lines, argan and macadamia, are for damaged, dry, frizzy hair. I would say that my hair is all of that. Maybe not so frizzy, but certainly damaged after all those bad choices I had in the past three weeks.

Now a little more about each product:

Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Shampoo – The shampoo is sulfate free and infused with argan oil. Additional to argan oil it also contains keratin and grape seed oil. All that together makes the shampoo smell really good. The scent is light, rather freshly sweet, and not overpowering. I’m still not a fan of overpowering strong scents.

I used it, and I should say that I love it a lot. I washed my hair twice because I had two days worth of dry shampoo, and hair oil in my locks. With the first wash it lathered up well and removed easily all the products from my hair. The foam was lightly brown because of the dry shampoo, so I decided to have a second round of shampooing. On the second round I applied as much as shampoo as the first round, about the size of a coin with a hat. Then, since my hair was almost clean, it lathered up three times better. There was so much nice smelling foam and I loved it.

Rinsing the shampoo was easy. I was afraid it will take twice as long as usual, but I was wrong. I guess because of the lighter consistency of the foam, it rinsed off like any other light shampoo.

On the tube it says the shampoo deeply cleanses while restoring, protecting and nourishing hair. It revives shine and protects color.



Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Conditioner – The conditioner is also sulfate free.The ingredients are basically the same as the shampoo has. The product is infused with argan oil, keratin and grape seed oil. The conditioner hydrates, restores strength, and gives shine. The formula is a bit thicker than usual but it doesn’t make it harder to use at all. I like its creamy consistency. For me it makes applying it so much easier because it doesn’t slide off my moist hands. The conditioner is a perfect addition to the shampoo. I love them both



Repairing Macadamia Oil Treatment – I chose macadamia oil hair oil because I just wanted to try something different. I am naturally curious person so this time it was macadamia and not argan. Coming back to the hair oil, I have to mention it is as good as the argan oil hair oil was. The oil is lightweight, smells nice, hydrates, boosts shine, and corrects damaged, split, frizzy hair. The oil treatment is infused with bamboo. I noticed a difference in my hair after using it one time. My hair is shinier and looks so much healthier.

One bottle is 50ml/1,69 fl.oz. but each time it will take only one to three pumps. So one bottle goes a long way.




I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you used any of the mentioned products? How did you like them?

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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15 thoughts on “Marc Anthony Argan Oil hair care

  1. I have used their shampoo and conditioner from argan and macadamia range. I also used their hair oil from macadamia range. I absolutely love it!! It makes my hair super soft. Thanks for sharing ! 💕


  2. Thanks for recommending I come and read this post! I will definitely add this to my “must try” list for when I run out of my current hair stuff. I really hate it when I get a batch of bad hair products. That generally means I have unruly, frizzy, and disgusting hair that needs to hide under hats. The saving grace is that I am a former dancer and can sloppy ballerina bun in less than 2 minutes no matter my hair is doing. This doesn’t really do it for me in the winter when I want my hair down, but at least I can keep from looking like a drunken Medusa.


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