The Body Shop Haul December 2015

So, what happened? I got a newsletter about huge sale at the Body Shop, and I noticed they also had blueberry scented products in stock. I’ve never smelled their blueberry scented products so of course I had to take the chance and fix it. All my good plans just to smell it ended up being a little haul. This time the salesgirls weren’t in a good mood (luckily) because otherwise I would have purchased more products. I like when the salesgirls are in a good mood and friendly because everyone is happier, except for my wallet… but that is another story.

I got few shower gels, body scrubs, and a body butter from different lines.

All purchased products

Shower gels

Early-harvest raspberry shower gel– It has such a good fresh raspberry scent. When I smelled it, it took me right back to a warm summer day when I was eating fresh raspberries right from the bush. The shower gel is soap free so even people with more sensitive skin should be able to use it.

Blueberry shower gel– I bought two because I really liked the blueberry scent and it is a limited edition. I think it is only in stock during wintertime. Like the raspberry shower gel, it is soap free.

Passion fruit shower gel– It is a repurchase for the third time at least. I am not sure if it is a limited edition or not. I buy it only when the Body Shop has a bigger sale few times in a year. The passion fruit has a sweeter but slightly spicy scent. This product has also a soap free formula.

Shower gels

Body scrubs

Early-harvest raspberry body scrub– The scrub looks like freshly mashed raspberries in jam form. If I didn’t knew better, I would try to eat it. The smell of the scrub is just so wonderful. On my skin it is smooth but you can still feel the scrubbing effect.

Blueberry body scrub– The blueberry scrub looks like fresh blueberry jam. Much like the raspberry scrub, it looks delicious and sweet. Despite its smooth consistency it does everything a body scrub should do. In the shower, after a long day at work/school, it is perfect for relaxing your body and mind. I would reach for the blueberry scrub first then to the raspberry one. I just like the blueberry scent a bit more.

Body scrubs

Body butter

Blueberry body butter– When I opened the container, I was baffled with the scent. It is so fresh and yet sweet, it makes you hungry for some fresh comfort food. It makes you feel like you landed in freshly made cotton candy with a hint of blueberries and sunshine on a breezy day. The smell is divine and its ability to moisturize my skin is more than I have ever wanted. I love this body butter.

Body butter


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13 thoughts on “The Body Shop Haul December 2015

  1. I remember when blueberry was a regular scent! The Body Shop has some of my all time favorite products because of my sensitive skin. I’ll have to check out the fresh raspberry scent!


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