I.L.U. Haul

I.L.U. is a beauty chain store in Estonia. They sell high-end luxury products as well as more wallet friendly everyday products.

Now that I explained what I.L.U. is, let’s get to the actual products.



The superstar of the haul is the Beauty Blender Pro.

We all know the hype around it and I am sure I am going to love it too. Its soft texture and round shape will make applying makeup smoother. Plus, I am sure I can save time with it in the mornings or whenever I am doing my makeup. I can’t wait to try it! Yes, this is my first beauty Blender. No, you are not going to judge me because of it.  



It’s Skin’ The Fresh Mask Avocado

The packaging looks nice and simple with a picture of an avocado on it. I am really excited to try it since I´ve heard so many good things about Korean beauty products.


Barbara Hofmann makeup brushes made specially for I.L.U brand.

I use these type of brushes everyday for my eye makeup. One is for lid and the other is for crease. Brushes are soft and easy to use for applying eyeshadows. Without using them, I already know they are a good addition to my modest brush collection.

Have you used any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “I.L.U. Haul

    • I tried The Body Shop’s Oils of Life faceoil but it didn’t suit for my skin at all. I got breakouts. Now I’m sceptical about face oils. I’m glad it works well for you 😊👍

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  1. avacado is amazng for your skin (which is a shame it tastes so nasty, as i would eat it more, sigh) but cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the beauty blender! (im thinking about buying one, but im not sure if it would be another over-hyped buy) 🙂


    • The review about avocado mask is going to be up on Wednesday. And I love how avocado tastes, it’s perfect with tomatoes haha. As for beauty blender, it is definitely the most expensive makeup sponge I’ve ever bought. But it is amazing. Applying foundation is so easy and it gives airbrushed look with minimal effort. If you have budget for it, you should try it. You’ll be in love with it after one use 😍

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