24 Happy Days aka The Body Shop’s Christmas Calendar part four

Part one”,  “part two” and “part three” ← are here.


This year I decided to treat myself with advent calendars. One is a traditional candy calendar, but the other is from The Body Shop. It is called 24 Happy Days.


Like every other traditional christmas calendar, it has a small treat for every day until christmas. In this case, instead of chocolate, there are different mini products or just smaller full size products for each day that goes by.


So let´s continue with part four and the little gifts from the 20th of December to the 24th, and to my surprise, the 25th.

On the twentieth day of Christmas… I got Honeymania Lip Balm.  

Honey, you´re gorgeous

On the twenty-first day of Christmas… I got Frosted Plum Soap. It is a cute addition to my heart shaped soaps.

Let your heart run free

On the twenty-second day of Christmas… I got Strawberry Hand Cream. It contains cold-pressed strawberry seed oil. Like every other Body Shop hand cream, it is a perfect moisturizer.

Time for a sweet treat

On the twenty-third day of Christmas… I got a two sided nail file. One side is to file and the other is to shine nails up. I am using their Nail Polishing Block which also has the shine side. With that I am content, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I am skeptical with the filing side because it feels rather harsh to the touch. I will try it out and if it is rubbish, I will let you know.

File it under “job well done”

When it was the twenty-fourth day and I was opening the little package, I also got a little box for the next day. They put two gifts in one, which was a nice surprise and made me smile. I mean, who doesn’t like small positive surprises?


On the twenty-fourth day of Christmas… I got Italian Summer Fig eau de toilette. I would describe it as a sweet sunshine with mild wind. It has a really summery smell. For me it is too sweet but some of you may like it.

Let your imagination wander to far-off places…

On the twenty-fifth day of Christmas… I got nail polish in the tone 120 Relish The Moment. It is perfect poppy red. I have used their nail polishes before and I am satisfied with the formula and stay on power. They are easy to apply and have quick-ish drying time.

SURPRISE! Merry Christmas, beautiful


So these were my little gifts from the week three of December. I hope you found the reading  interesting.

24 Happy Days
The world is our source of beauty


Have you used any of these products? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Thank you for reading,



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